Present: Ed Merritt Jr., Laurel Rematore, Dave Sanford, Dan Jones, Rick Carpenter, Deanna Truelsen, Vic Vieira, Allan Burnside, Steve Maxwell, Jim Phillips, Dana Hill, Brandon Thurston, Tom Seymour, Colleen Johnson, American Red Cross, and Larry Archibeque. 

Pledge: Laurel Rematore

Prayer: Rick Carpenter

1) Question of the day, "What was you favorite toy as a youth."

2) Drone update 535 tickets sold, gross amount made 2,090.00 dollars, net 1,195.00 and approximately 398.00 dollars for each charity. Ed Rice was the first prize winner and the second prize winner was Tracee Lanier. 

3) Bike Rodeo update, thirty five helmets handed out and a check made out to the health department for one hundred and seventy five dollars, and eight bikes were given away. Discussion was held concerning an updated course and changes in rules and regulations, further discussion is warranted. 

4) Bike Race update, gross amount made was $ 9,189.00 and a net amount of $3,291.92. Approximately eighty two riders rode the race this year. A discussion will be held concerning the purchase of stop signs. A motion was made and approved to pay all groups that assisted with the bike race this year. 

5) A presentation was made by Colleen Johnson of the American Red Cross. She can be reached at 970-259-6642.

6) Meeting was adjourned by Laurel Rematore.