Posted by Susan Lisak
  Rifle Raffle - Drawing in December   John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Tom Seymour, Robbie Singer
Bike Race Meeting Minutes For: August 29th, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
  • Question of the Day? Natural disaster experience?
  • In Attendance: Dan Jones, Tom Seymour, Adam Barnhurst, Dana Hill, Carl Buchta, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Rocky Moss, Shawna Valdez, Eli Brown, Rebecca Frasier, Val Truelson
Club Business & Announcements:  6:45am
  • Susan attending Grant Seminar Sep 23rd in Grand Junction. This will allow us to apply for Rotary International grants.
  • Rocky is PE (President-elect)
  • Susan Nominated for PEN (President-elect nominee). Motion to approve PEN tabled until the Annual Christmas party in December.
  • Send both PE and PEN both to PETS (President-elect training seminar) this year? Motion called and seconded, passed
  • Dues needed, some Rotarians given names to follow up with
Guest Attendee: Rebecca Frasier
  • Rebecca is running for the school board full time,
  • Works at the DA’s office
  • Asking for anyone in the Dolores School District to sign her petition
Other Club business
  • Ed went to Cortez Rotary Club, Shane Hale is president, saw Walt, Brad, Renee, and Bill. Their goal is increase public presence and membership, they meet 2nd and 4th monday if anyone would like to attend.
  • We need speakers, Rocky will work on it
  • Email blast out to past racers to let them know of low registration fee for next year’s race good till Sep 10th. Will also post on Facebook.
  • Rocky to run next bingo with Dr. Burnside’s help, Rocky will contact Cameron Elder to make sure she has info she needs to set up bingo dinner
  • Chamber update: Escalante days was successful, Rocky is planning the Harvest Fest on Oct 14, cider tasting, beer and wine tasting, accepting vendors.
  • Dr. Burnside - raffle tickets update. We’ve collected $930 for the Vacation Raffle, and $240 for the Rifle Raffle
  • Get Raffle info out on Facebook
  • Dolores State bank - Shawna spoke about how they are releasing a mobile banking app this week, with more features like bill pay coming in the future. Shawna would like to speak more about it on Nov 14th, once every feature is live. Added to speaker list as tentative.
  • Ed Merritt is retiring from the Dolores State Bank on Nov 17th. Party? Info to come.
Bike Race Meeting:
Please let Scott Cooper or Susan Lisak know which committees you would like to be on! Openings still available, would like at least 3-5ppl on each committee.
2017 - 2018 Race Director: Rocky Moss
2017-2018 Committees:
  • Volunteer Committee (Bike Rodeo / Registration area / Town course)
    • Shawna Valdez
    • Lou Ann Jacobsen Ball
  • Course Volunteer Committee
    • Scott Clow
    • Mark Tucker
  • Bike Rodeo Committee
    • Dr. Burnside
    • Dave Sanford
    • Robbie Singer
    • John Taveira
    • Carl Buchta
  • Sponsor Committee
    • Ed Merritt
    • Rocky Moss
  • Tshirt Committee
    • Susan Lisak
    • Ed Merritt
    • Shawna Valdez
    • Carl Buchta
  • Permit Committee
    • Tom Seymour
    • Mark Tucker
  • Advertising Committee
    • Susan Lisak
    • Rocky Moss
  • Webmaster for /
    • Susan Lisak
    • Shawn Gregory
  • Facebook Webmaster
    • Susan Lisak
    • Rocky Moss
  • General Rotary Fundraising Committee
    • Susan Lisak
    • Rocky Moss
    • Dr. Burnside
    • Robby Singer
Meeting adjourned at 7:25am