Posted by Susan Lisak
Meeting Minutes For: August 22nd, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Inspiration
  • Question of the Day? What was your eclipse experience?
  • In attendance: Adam Barnhurst, Robbie Singer, Tom Seymour, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, Shawna Valdez, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Carl Buchta, Cameron Elder, Dan Jones, Sheriff Steve Nowlin, Eli Brown, Deanna Truelson
Club Business & Announcements:  6:45am
Guest Introduction:
  • Cameron Elder, Student Government President - Dolores Schools
    • Will update Rotary periodically on school events and activities
      • Talked about homecoming events & parade, fundraisers, student activities
    • Attended a HOBY Leadership trip over the summer at Denver University
      • Funded in part by Dolores Rotary
      • Was there for 5 days as a staff member
      • 230 kids attended
Dolores Schools - Infant Toddler Center
  • They are in need of donations (toys, money) for the newly opened Infant/Toddler Center. Items can be dropped off at Scott Cooper’s office, at the Center directly or arranged to be picked up.
  • Opened on Monday, Aug 21st.
  • Motion made to give $100 to dolores school district for their Infant/Toddler center. Seconded and passed.
Bike Race Debrief - Continued
  • Sheriff Steve Nowlin
    • Spoke about some conversations with road department and closing of the road for the race, and successfully worked all the issues out before the race started.
    • High school students did not do very good at directing traffic, may need to close up alley near bank next year
    • Asked if the race time could be started 10-20 minutes early. Will discuss the possibility at future bike race meetings.
  • Robby Singer
    • Happy of sheriff’s response with car accident and target shooting incident
    • Handicap parking areas next year? Saw a lot of vehicles looking for handicap accessible parking.
  • Dr. Burnside
    • Had some close calls with traffic and parking behind the medical center, would like to talk about having parking attendants and charging for parking
    • Proposed on next goodie bag order, that we get sponsors for bags, maybe 20 sponsor logos @ $250/piece, no year, 1000 bags, and the first right of refusal on the next run, switch colors on next run.
  • Ed Merritt
    • Some outstanding money owed from sponsors
    • Approx $8200 profit
    • Motion was called to donate $300 to Search & Rescue, $100 to the Dolores Fire Department, and $100 to the Dolores Football team. These amounts were the same as what was donated last year. Seconded and passed.
  • Other Bike race notes
    • Fire department - see if they can video the race start using a drone
    • 5K fun run - needed a lot more attendance and the word getting out to parents.
    • More two-way radios and announcements of riders coming in.
    • Rodeo was well attended, and the course was great this year, but they were short on volunteers
    • More emails about volunteer needs and times to show up
    • Shawna Valdez offered to be next year’s volunteer coordinator
    • John Taveira & Robby Singer offered to be on next year’s Bike Rodeo course committee
    • Will continue to have bike race meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month
    • Kokopellis want to donate water bottles for bags next year
    • Osprey will donate $1500 in packs next year
    • Invite The Galloping Goose Society as guest speaker
    • Talked about naming the 50-mile endurance course the “Galloping Goose”
  • Items from prior meetings:
    • Work on controlling traffic and route thru town
    • Put up signs two weeks early for road shut down, notices at Doc’s Marina
    • Course was marked well, maybe a better warning where the 13-mile accident happened, or have volunteers stationed there next year
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am