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Dolores Rotary Club News and Information

Our motto is "Service Above Self"

We meet Tuesdays at 6:30 AM
Ponderosa Restaurant
715 Railroad Avenue
Dolores, CO  81323
United States of America
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Sending deep gratitude to all the participants and their families from the Dolores Rotary Club. This is our one big fundraiser, with proceeds going right back into our community, mostly focused on youth leadership. We are a completely volunteer-run organization, and we put our hearts and souls into this to make it an event that you will want to come back to again and again. We know circumstances were tough with last minute changes and a completely new course, and we appreciate those that made this crazy and deeply fulfilling journey with us!

Rotary Meeting Minutes For: February 13, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Olympic highlight?
In Attendance: Dan Jones, Dana Hill, Tom Seymour, Robbie Singer, Val Truelsen, Deanna Truelsen, Dr. Burnside, Darwin Cooper, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Ruby Gonzales, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Eli Brown, Rocky Moss, Jerry Whited, Joey Whited, Jen Stark
Business Meeting - Financial Overview with Ed Merritt
$1000 in the positive compared to same time last year
Escalante Days T-shirts needed for quilt
  • We still need 1999 & 2000, but after some discussion, we believe the t-shirts may not have started until 2001. Will put Rotary logos or other info in their place.
Donation Requests
  • Update: Skylar Brill will speak on Feb 20th for a few minutes about the Rotary Youth Exchange Program she wishes to participate in, and will be bringing her mom Athena Harrison. Susan contacted the Durango Daybreak Club, and they needed to know of any monetary donations by Feb 18th for the Rotary Grant. Because of the time sensitivity, the club pre-approved a $500 scholarship towards Skyler’s Rotary Youth Exchange Program. Motion passed. Durango Daybreak has been notified. We will let Skyler know on Feb 20th.
Rotary Board Meeting, Feb 20th, 7:30am after regular club meeting
  • Roger Ptolemy from the Durango Rotary Club will visit and attend the Board meeting
  • Scott will outline board agenda
NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game Fundraiser - April 2nd
  • Will have two boards, each $10/square, benefiting student scholarships
  • $200 to the 1st half winner, $300 to the final winner
  • Need to decide what two venues to put the boards at.
Other Items
  • We need to redesign more Rotary Flags, but need an example of the old flag. Please bring one to next meeting if you have one.
  • Rocky Moss spoke about the Spring Chamber Banquet - A Sci Fi soiree, tickets available at $30 per person, $50/couple, $180 per table of eight. Already have quite a few tables reserved and lots of silent auction items.
Guest Speaker - Jerry Whited, Candidate for Dolores Mayor
Jerry Whited is a full-time firefighter and EMT on the Reservation in Towaoc. He’s a certified emergency manager, and is trained to teach a variety of medical certifications.  Was on the volunteer fire department in Dolores for about 5 1/2 years, and has been living in Dolores for about 7 years. He moved here from the Far Range area to raise his family and is an avid outdoors guy, he fishes, hunts, mountain bikes, and ATVs. Jerry is hoping to help with transparency, economic development, and emergency and town management.
Guest Speaker - Jen Stark, Candidate for Dolores Town Board
Jen Stark is an Academic Advisor in the Dolores Schools. She has been here since 2005, and previously worked at Fort Lewis College as a professor in the sociology department there. She has also done a 6-year stint at the Department of Local Affairs for the Town of Rico, has been on the Region 9 Economic development board, and has done a lot of state and historic grants.
Full audio recording of Jerry Whited and Jen Stark's visit can be listened to here.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: February 6, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Did the Superbowl come out like you wanted? Favorite Superbowl commercial?
In Attendance: Dan Jones, Eli Brown, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Charley Miller, Shawna Valdez, Paul Bilger, Susan Lisak, John Taveira, Darwin Cooper, Deanna Truelsen, Adam Barnhurst,
Bingo Overview
  • 28 people attended, 10 desserts donated
  • $210 collected for bingo, $266.77 in donations, less $120 given out in prizes, for a total of $356.77 for the Bridge Shelter.
Commodities Overview
  • Good turnout. Had one box plus a little extra left that went to the soup kitchen.
  • Collected last year’s commodity cards
  • New commodity cards required for the next pickup date on March 3rd.
  • Still very little to no protein choices, like meat, beans, peanut butter, etc.
Super Bowl Fundraiser Overview
  • Winners are: Larry Hauser ($100), Patricia Higgins ($100), Doyle Higgins ($100), and Richard Lundberg ($200). They have been notified and arrangements made to get them their winnings.
  • Next one: NCAA Men’s basketball championship game. We will create 2 boards, with two winners to each board, $200 for half-time, and $300 for final score.
Bike Race Meeting Overview
  • Decided to keep bike race date as is (Aug 11).
  • Will be reserving the parking lot behind the medical center for bikers. They will be able to reserve a spot online for $5. We think about 40 spots. Need parking attendant.
  • Spoke about having another beer tent or having the Rio Grande Southern B&B open theirs.
  • Working on getting sponsor letters out by next bike race meeting
  • Rocky Mountain Timing is giving us the same pricing for chip timing the event, normally $900, but will sponsor in trade $250 for advertising on the t-shirt, bringing our cost down to $650.
  • Scott Darling - water bottles, kokopelli, $5-6 per water bottle, 150-200?, next bike meeting
  • Galloping goose society okayed the usage of calling our 50-mile course “The Galloping Goose”, but wants sponsorship in exchange. Discuss at next bike race meeting
  • Need to know of any new signage needs by next bike race meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: January 30, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Where would you fly to vacation?
In Attendance: Shawna Valdez, Val Truelsen, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Darwin Cooper, Mark Tucker, Tom Rice, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Deanna Truelsen
Bingo for the Bridge Shelter
  • Bingo is tonight, 6:30pm at the Community Center.
  • We need assistance w/dessert auction donations. Please bring a dessert for the auction if you can, and also need an auctioneer
  • Motion was asked to set up the Square credit card swiper to the Rotary bank account, which will allow people to pay for their dinner or to make donations via a credit card. Motion approved
Donation Request
The Durango Daybreak Rotary is sponsoring Skylar Brill on our behalf and is asking both our club and the two other Durango Rotary Clubs (High Noon and Evening Rotary) to donate towards her Rotary Youth Exchange. Skyler did exceptionally well at the District interviews and is slated to go to Poland. With a commitment of local funds, they can ask the District to match their total.
The request was tabled till Feb 6. Susan will reply to The Durango Daybreak club and ask Skyler to talk to us before committing funds.
Bike Race Meeting
  • Motion was made to move the bike race date to one week earlier. Pros & Cons discussion. Most members were against moving the date until the race becomes so big that further action must be taken. Motion did not pass.
  • Traffic & signage discussion - Bike race in progress at start of alley sign, sign for paid parking
  • Motion was made to cordon off back parking lot and sell spots to bike racers. We have around 40 spots. Can be set up as part of their online registration process for $5/parking spot. Will need parking attendant. Motion passed.
  • Discussion on additional beer tent area closer to awards/finish line area. Maybe coordinating a beer area with the Rio Grande Southern B&B, but need to make sure they have a liquor license. Some discussion on moving the awards closer to Chamber beer area, but after discussion it was deemed too crowded and inconvenient to relocate.
  • Scott will call Scott Darling for water bottles featuring 20th anniv. Would cost $5-6 each. Tabled for further discussion.
  • Asking La Plata Electric and Empire electric to host bike rodeo.
  • We lost our bike helmets sponsor with the health department, looking for other alternatives.
  • Discussed having a Parking map available to download on our website.
  • Goal to get sponsor letters out by next bike race meeting
    • See if we can get the 5K Run sponsored
    • 12 hours mesa verde letter was recently sent out, and can be used as an example on our cover letter.
  • Rocky Mountain Timing is giving us the same pricing for chip timing the event, normally $900, but will sponsor in trade $250 for advertising on the t-shirt, bringing our cost down to $650. Motion made to utilize their services again this year. Motion passed.
  • Bring in shirts for quilt
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: January 23, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Snow story?
In attendance: Joye McHenry, Adam Barnhurst, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Darwin Cooper, Scott Cooper, Dave Sanford, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, Charley Miller, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Deanna Truelsen, Rocky Moss, Eli Brown, Dan Jones, Shawna Valdez,
Bingo is set for Jan 30th - Benefiting the Bridge Shelter in Cortez
  • They need assistance with dessert auction donations. Please bring a dessert for the auction if you can!
  • Social media campaign has been done with Facebook, SW Scene, and KSJD radio
  • Please share and invite others to attend!
  • The Bridge Shelter needs to relocate, and are hoping to break ground on a new building this summer.
  • Reach out to cortez rotary
  • Need an auctioneer
Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser
  • Active and at Charley’s Barbershop.
  • Do we want to do another board? Group voted no with 2 opposed
  • Football pools are considered social gambling, no need to report to state, not playing by state rules
  • Dont have to fill the board
  • Next year, start at beginning of football season, have big dollar pools, % payout?
  • Different $$$ boards, like $10 squares, $50 squares, $100 squares? Further discussion.
  • Superbowl viewing party?
  • Can it be other games? yes, like Broncos games, basketball games, etc.
  • Basketball brackets?
  • Money can go towards the Rotary general fund
Bike Race Meeting will be Jan 30th, 6:30am at the Ponderosa
Bring marketing and sponsorship ideas

Open speaker slot for Feb 13th
Rocky spoke about advertising on Facebook
They are changing their algorithms, which will make it harder for us to be recognized
Made a motion to put $100 towards FB advertising, motion passed
FB boosts will be on bike race, where the money goes, bike rodeo
Dolores Chamber Spring Banquet is March 10th, Theme is Sci-Fi Soiree
Tickets banquet $30/person $50/couple
Will invite town board
Today’s Guest Speaker - Joye McHenry with the Cortez Rec Center
April 3rd - city of Cortez vote to extend and lower sales tax
Bond originally passed in 2001, set to expire in 2021
Decided to bring to voters to continue to subside rec center
What it will take to subsidize at current rate? .055% currently, based on projection decided they needed .035% sales tax
This will be a tax in perpetuity, meaning it will not expire or change until another amendment is passed
Rec Center entry fees will remain the same, but now they include exercise classes in annual pass
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: January 16, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? MLK day activities?
Fundraising Committee Meeting overview
  • Reviewed Bingo application Susan created, copies sent around to group to review and approve
  • Have Bingo year round? Can be done, but let club vote, tabled for further discussion.
    • Examples of what we can do in the summer:
      • June - Movie & bbq family night? - School gym or Flanders Park? Booster club as beneficiaries?
      • July - Beer & bingo & bbq summer event?
        • Dolores Rotary club beneficiary?? If so, would need to say how the money will be used
        • Use proceeds towards next 4th of July for fireworks? No.
        • Ask for other ideas of what we can earmark proceeds for
      • August - Outreach to other communities for fundraising during summer - Rico, Mancos, Dove Creek?
      • Any other ideas?
  • Talked about taking all the past Escalante days shirts and seeing if someone wanted to make a quilt out of them for 20th anniversary. Tabled for further discussion.
Bingo Cancelled by Fellowship of Christian Athletes Jan 30th -
  • looking for replacements or will need to cancel the event, asking Cortez Leopard Sharks swim team, Dolores Thrift store, Bridge Shelter, and maybe others if they don't want to jump in.
Bike Race Meeting will be Jan 30th
Open speaker slot for Feb 13th
Today’s Guest Speaker - Jeff Pope with KSJD Radio
Fundraising Ideas
KSJD Went from $20K budget to $700K budget, 60K ppl served
Sunflower 4500ppl served, this year 6K
Set goals, make it achievable, measure results
People give to something they can understand, and is meaningful
Don't ask is the number one reason ppl dont give
How is rotary reaching out to bikers after race?
Then create tactics based on goals
Have a few opportunities to ask later for money
Our job is to communicate meaning and usage of funds in a clear way
People give to people, when they understand where the money goes
Meeting adjoured at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: January 9, 2018
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? New Years Resolutions?
In attendance: Charlie Powell, Kathie Butler, Dr. Burnside, Paul Bilger, LouAnn Jacobson Ball, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Mark Tucker, Dan Jones, Rocky Moss, Scott Cooper, Darwin Cooper, Dave Sanford, Deanna Truelsen, Ed Merritt, Eli Brown,
Commodities Report
Very few showed up for Jan 6th food giveaway. Didn't know the date? Too cold? Unsure why. Happened last January as well.
Bingo Application Form
Should we create a Bingo application for upcoming season? Yes, Susan will create and submit for group to approve.
We have current Bingo recipients set thru May 2018, so it would be any ones we consider beginning Jun 2018

Bingo license has been renewed for 2018, certificate was emailed to us, printed and copies to Rocky, Dr. Burnside and Susan Lisak

New Dolores Rotary email address created
May see emails from
Members can give out this email to anyone wishing to correspond with the club
Other Items:
  • Holiday lights are off, grant with Empire Electric? Dan and Ed to get and see
  • Need to order and/or create Dolores Rotary Club Flags, find old copies, order 100, better storage
Next Bike Race Meeting is Jan 30th
Guest Speaker: Kathie Butler, The Nature Center at Butler Corner
Kathie lived her her entire life, family has been here close to 100 years.
Been building a welcome center, outside is finished, will have a large meeting room, library, loft for kids,
Building a compost toilet
4/10 mile story trail, 20 boxes metal with parts of childrens books in them, can read parts while they walk the trail
6 miles of trails, color coded
Storytime every thursday
501c(3), going to change to private but going to run it like a non-profit
Biggest challenge is paying for insurance
Sponsorships available at $1000/$500/$250/$100 levels, memberships soon to be available
Located towards groundhog lake
263 acres, alpacas and goats, weaving studio
Grand opening in April,
Looking for volunteers
Butler Corner at Dolores State Bank for any donations
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: December 19, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Childhood Christmas Tradition?
In attendance: Susan Lisak, Dr. Burnside, Shawna Valdez, Scott Cooper, Paul Bilger, John Taveira, Ed Merritt, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, Tammy Houghton, Robbie Singer, Rocky Moss, Deanna Truelsen, Tom Seymour, Dave Sanford
Rocky needs $100 for bingo renewals, payable to sec of state
Raffle Update: Winners notified
$6750 total
$4280 vacation
$2470 Rifle
Vacation Net $1442.50 each community center, Dolores schools
Rifle Net $2011 split 3 ways $670.33 each, Ryla, Destination imagination, scholarships
Should we do more raffles at specific events, when we have a long time to sell tickets?
Rotary Christmas Party:
Voted in by club:
President - July 2018: Deanna Truelsen
President Elect - July 2019: Susan Lisak
President Elect Nominee - July 2020: Robbie Singer
Susan and Deanna will attend President Elect Training in Denver, weekend of March 3rd.
Other Items:
Rotary name tags,
Games license renewal
Need Dolores Rotary Flag, research and tabled to Jan 9th
Donation Request: Bears Booster Club donation request, $250 requested, motion passed
Town of Dolores donated $500 towards lighting fund, article in Denver post about Rico and old Dolores Wreaths
Guest Speaker - Shawna Valdez, Dolores State Bank, “Why Local Matters in a Global Economy”
Dolores state bank is the biggest in the county, quarter of a billion dollars, 5 locations, over 50 employees, Tammy is E-services coordinator, average donation is $250
Small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to non-profit
For every $100 you spend, $68 stays in community, $43 non-local business, online store $1
Millenials make up 44% of workforce, want digital solutions and banks to be their financial advisors
Online loan apps
Financial literacy program
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Agenda For: December 5, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Real or fake xmas trees and why
In Attendance: Dana Hill, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, LouAnn Jacobson Ball, Susan Lisak, Shawna Valdez, Eli Brown, Dan Jones, Mark Tucker, Guiseppe,
P&L - Ed Merritt - doing extremely well, $9500 in account, foundation $18K, $2500 coming out for dues,
Raffle update $2500 vacation, rifle $2090.
Shawna to speak dec 19
Rotary Christmas Party
Dec 12th @ Ponderosa. Prix Fixe menu, sign up. Bring a toy, byob, doing raffle drawing
No Rotary meeting that morning
Donation Request: Galloping Goose is asking for $75 for candy for xmas event, approved
Holiday Community Social Fundraiser review
We made $2461.06
Liquor license cost $100
Comm center cost $150
Bike cost $650
Take costs out of general fund? voted and passed
Pleased with number of people that show up, Scott counted 70 - 80, maybe more
Not a whole lot of families
$575 raised just in desserts
Dolores Xmas Lighting needs
3-4 brackets need to be replaced, some not working, need to coordinate with Empire Electric.
Request more wreaths down the road, do we want to make sure every pole is wired to receive wreath? Yes.
$600-$800 per wreath, can we work on them ourselves? - no, Empire must work on electric.
Ed to call Bobbie Jones. Shawna to make a list of needed wreaths in town
Need to rewire the hill as a future project, wiring is breaking down in places, summer project?
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes for November 28, 2017
In attendance: Bill Ordemann, Ed Merritt, Tom Seymour, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Guiseppe Privaterra, Scott Cooper, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, LouAnn Jacobson Ball, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Eli Brown,
Thank you card from the Learning Nest was passed around
Guiseppe introduced himself, here till Dec 12

Fundraiser for the Rotary Lighting Fund
Dolores River Brewery: Pony keg of beer
GST Liquors: Box of Red & White Wine
Kokopelli's: Donating a mountain bike to auction off, starting bid @ $650.00, retail value $1100.00. Rocky is posting information and taking online bids until 4pm today, which will become the beginning bid at the event tonight.
Dolores Food Market: Donated a selection of cheeses and crackers
DAV: Chili & Corn Muffins
Appetizers (near bar):
Rocky: Bruchetta
LouAnn Jacobson Ball: Tortilla Chips
Taz @ Dolores Food Market: Cheese & Cracker platter
Mark & Bill - salsa

Deanna & Val Truelson: Rolls & Butter
LouAnn Jacobson Ball: Salad & fixings
Lainey Beyhan: Salad
Susan Lisak: Mac & Cheese
Sheryl Merritt: Lasagna
Paul Bilger: Green Chile Posole
Scott Cooper: Crockpot Chili
Tom Seymour: Pasta Meatball Soup
DAV (Charley to bring): Red Chili & (90) Corn muffins
Linda Johnson: Chili
Sheila Owens: Green Chili w/beef
Ruby Gonzales: Shredded Cheese, Saltines & Sour cream
Mark Tucker: TBD
Shawna Valdez: TBD
Susan Lisak: Sheet cakes with Raspberry filling & whip cream frosting
Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Dave Sanford to provide
(Dave also mentioned that there are some plates and utensils in storage.)
Dessert Auction:
Susan Lisak: Southern Buttermilk Pie
Sheryl Merritt: Kentucky Derby Pie
Rocky Moss: Christmas Cookies
Shawna Valdez: TBD
Charley: TBD
Dr. Burnside 3 pies, 2 cakes

Entertainment & Other:
Holiday Music: Susan & John's playlist 😊
Photographer: John Taveira
Decor: Rocky Moss & Susan Lisak
Kids Activities: Cornhole game for children, coloring books and crayons, stickers, legos
Group Activity: The Moveable Tree - Create a paper ornament, write name on back and what your like about your community. It will be hung on the Community Christmas Tree, then delivered to other venues before Christmas.

4pm: Rocky, Susan & John arrive to set up
5:30pm: Doors open, Bar opens
6pm - 7pm: Dinner & Dessert
6:30pm: Scott to talk during dinner
6:45pm: Rocky to talk about Paper Ornament Tree
7pm-ish: Dessert Auctions, then bike auction, then more dessert auctions

Setup: Susan, John, Rocky, ???
Bar: ?? Ed, Larry Engel
Kitchen: ??
Waitstaff: Susan
Cocktail Waitress: Susan
Cleanup: ??
Tickets: Ruby
Raffle: Ruby &
Auctioneer: Tom
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: November 14, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? What pets do you have?
In Attendance: Dana Hill, Tom Seymour, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dan Jones, Charley Miller, Susan Lisak, Deanna Truelson, Dave Sanford, Cameron Elder, Eli Brown, Carl Buchta, Mark Tucker, Darla with DAV, Rocky Moss,  
Any New Guests? No
No meeting till next Tuesday Nov 21
Holiday light maintenance will be this weekend. Saturday at 11am, meet at storage shed, dress warm, bring wd-40 and pliers. 
Town of Rico officially accepted 12 wreaths, moved to other shed, pickup this week.
Veterans Day ceremony was this past Friday, Volleyball team in Denver, Cameron said played two teams, 5 courts going at once, did not win either teams, at Denver coliseum, Rangely & Yuma, 25-30 local parents and fans
Dave - Rotary Dictionary project - participating for 17 years, presented Mancos yesterday, dave brought one to pass around, kids excited, kinder morgan has been paying for it. Around $4K cost, facebook post
November 28th - Holiday Lighting Fund Community Social
To-Do List:
  • Scott to bring crockpot chili first time, Tom pasta meatball soup, Mark green chili stew,
  • Submit poster to Jim Reser to add to the Coffee Break series
  • Follow up with Dolores Food Market on hors d'oeuvres for event
  • Follow up with Pony Espresso on mini desserts
  • Follow up with GST Liquors on wine/alcohol donation
  • Contact Dolores River Brewery for beer donation
  • Formally need to cancel bingo - paperwork
  • Invite everyone who has presented to us, raffle checkbook,
  • Live auction items - kokopelli, osprey packs?, colorado love outdoors, auction shirts?,  
  • Dinner & Dessert items needed
  • Discount voucher emailable
  • KSJD Radio
  • Special Events Permit - Will be approved pending it being posted at least 10 days prior to the event, which Lana said she will work on.
  • Created Event on Facebook, along with a poll to gather information on what will bring people to a fundraising event in the future. Was shared with Remembering Dolores and Friends of the Playground group.
  • Invited the Town Board at their board meeting last night
  • Sent out a press release - The Journal posted an article about it
  • Added to The Journal’s Community Calendar (Thru Southwest Scene)
  • Discount vouchers created for $2 off
Information about the Dolores Community Social Event:
  • Venue: Dolores Community Center, Tuesday Nov 28t @6pm
  • Theme: Rotary Lights Up Dolores - Community Holiday Social
  • Audience/Crowd: Reach out to entire community
  • Dinner (soups/chilis/etc) including hors d'oeuvres, salad, dessert, and a BAR, dessert auction, community get together to support ROTARY who always supports the community :)
  • Context: Scott will talk to group for about 5 minutes at beginning of evening to give a sort of “State of Rotary Dolores”, how we raise funds, organizations we support, talk about our “Dolores Rotary Community Fundraiser Series” and ask the community to support US in keeping the town decorated for holidays.
  • Total Goal: $1200, 100 attendees ($700 at door, $300 bar, $200 dessert auction)
  • Pricing: $10 adult/$5 Students, 5 and under free (encourage family attendance)
  • $2 off discount vouchers
  • General Donation Jar and Raffle ticket sales - at Ruby's Desk
  • Formally need to cancel bingo
  • Door prize, split pot.
Joe Rowell Park History - Joe Rowell put in design, donated water shares, built irrigation, tried to give it to town on Dolores, turned over to forest service, planted trees, Joe Rowell started taking care of it, then it unofficially became Joe’s park, he'd fill up his water containers and water trees individually,
Cameron Elder talked about student government, thanksgiving food drive
Turkey trot is Thanksgiving morning
DAV thanked the club for participating in beef raffle, raised $1830, pig again in spring
Chamber Info:
Shop local promo: $10 or more spent gets a ticket in prize drawing 
Business after hours, starting at 4:30 at Imagenet, 42 inch HDTV, printer, Teztalks tickets, inspirational speakers, bring can of food
Dolores Lighting contest, prizes $100 towards electric bill 2nd prize is $50
Raffle update - vacation $1890, rifle $930
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: November 7, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? What Grade School did you attend?
In attendance: Dana Hill, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Charley Miller, Ruby Gonzales, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Deanna Truelson, Dan Jones, Rocky Moss, Eli Brown, Shawna Valdez, Tom Seymour,

Voting day!: Mill levy cortez, mancos bond, Dolores school board
Any New Guests? Darla Sanders from the DAV, DAV is finding a new home across from ACE hardware, 900 to 2300 square feet, raising money for down payment, having raffle for a beef section, tickets $5/each, now have room and privacy for counseling sessions, as well as a lounge area, craft fair coming up Nov 25th @ the annex.
Hoby thank you letters passed around
P&L July - Nov: passed around by Ed.
Shawna passed out personal invitations for Ed Merritt’s retirement party

Xmas bazaar, first weekend in December, 50 spaces sold, last year 300-400ppl, breakfast, 8am-4pm, all proceeds benefit DCC.
Veterans days program friday 9am Dolores schools, music
Food Commodity Review - we had 30 boxes, mancos is going to start own food bank, dolores can’t because we have no storage, all boxes given out
Holiday light maintenance this weekend? Only angel lights can be done, lights in, grommets not in yet. Waiting till everything comes in before.
Rotary Fundraising series: November 28th - Holiday Lighting Fund
  • Venue: Dolores Community Center
  • Theme: Rotary Lights Up Dolores - Community Holiday Social
  • Audience/Crowd: Reach out to entire community
  • Idea: NO BINGO - Billed as community dinner (soups/chilis/etc) including hors d'oeuvres, salad, dessert, and a BAR, dessert auction, community get together to support ROTARY who always supports the community :)
  • Context: Scott will talk to group for about 5 minutes at beginning of evening to give a sort of “State of Rotary Dolores”, how we raise funds, organizations we support, talk about our “Dolores Rotary Community Fundraiser Series” and ask the community to support US in keeping the town decorated for holidays.
  • Total Goal: $1200, 100 attendees ($700 at door, $300 bar, $200 dessert auction)
  • Pricing: $10 adult/$5 Students, 5 and under free (encourage family attendance)
  • $2 off discount vouchers
  • General Donation Jar and Raffle ticket sales - at Ruby's Desk
  • Formally need to cancel bingo
  • Door prize, split pot.
What has already been done:
  • Special Events application completed (will not know if approved until Nov 27th)
  • Created the event on Facebook
  • Invited Friends of the Playground Facebook followers, encouraged them to support community
  • Press Release to Journal done
  • Added to the Journal’s Community Calendar
  • Posters created
  • Request made to Dolores Food Market for cheese & cracker apps. Waiting approval.
To Do List:
  • See if GST Liquors and Dolores River Brewery will donate beer/liquor for event and possible offer volunteers to help run the bar (Rocky & Scott).
  • Invite the Dolores Town Board (Susan)
  • Posters put up around town
    • Done already: Dolores State Bank, Ponderosa, General Store, Superintendent offices, Town Hall
    • Posters needed: Dolores Food Market, Chavolitos, Joe Rowell Park, Library, Post Office, GST Liquors, Pony Espresso
  • Submit info to Jim Reser to add to Coffee Break flyers, week of Nov 13th
  • Contact Pony Espresso for small dessert option donation (truffles, mini cupcakes, etc.)
  • See if Red Hat Ladies will make desserts for dessert auction (Dr. Burnside)
  • See if Ponderosa will donate salad and rolls (Deanna), yes!
  • Distribute $2 discount vouchers out to Rotarians (Susan)
  • Who will provide rest of dinner items?Shawna - main dish and dessert, paul bilger stew,
  • Personal ivitation to everyone that has presented.
  • Picture board of us working on lights, lifting up wreaths,
  • Appllications for rotary there
  • Live auction? (Tom) need items.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: October 31, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? Favorite costume?
In attendance? Dan Jones, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Paul Bilger, Val Truelson
Any New Guests? No
Bingo overview
Last bingo for NHD - $190.00
Few bingo players - 15 bingo players
Next bingo is for the Christmas Lighting fund, November 28th.
Paul will bring green chili posole
Any other ideas?
Food commodities distribution is this Saturday, 6am at the firehouse.
10am regionals for volleyball, 3 teams, $8, winners go to state
Scott Clow is looking for volunteers for this weekend’s Cyclocross at Joe Rowell park, Nov 3-4th. Needs 1:30pm Friday for setup, 9am Saturday for event, and 2:30pm Saturday for breakdown.  Susan volunteering Friday, Ed on Saturday, Susan to bring bike race cards on Friday.
Christmas lights maintenance - replacement lights have been ordered, and will need volunteers to help change bulbs this Saturday (Nov 4th), time TBD. Bulbs not in, so cancelling this saturday. Nov 11th? Need WD-40 sprayed on bulbs, gaskets missing? Gaskets in storage? About $600 in the lighting fund now. Mark tucker to check on gaskets.
Old wreaths for Rico - If they don’t want them, will check with Mancos. Weekend after thanksgiving is when wreaths go up.
Bike Race Meeting Overview
  • Save the date postcard
  • Sponsor forms approved. Starting at $100 to get onto shirts, but anything under that will get their name on our website. Modified number of shirts and only one goodie bag per sponsorship.
  • Changed awards ceremony to 1pm.
Dictionaries are here, Dave will contact the schools to distribute
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: October 24, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
  Question of the day: Halloween story?
In Attendance: Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, Charley Miller, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Kathie Butler, Shawna Valdez, Michael Nielsen, Mark Tucker, Casey McClellan
New Guests:
Kathie Butler - Nature Center at Butler Corner
Casey McClellan - Candidate for Dolores School Board
Bike Race Meeting
  • Discussed sponsor payments. Reflections in metal did pay $100 and 4 Corners got a W9 form and paid.
  • Tabled discussion about naming the 50-mile endurance course the “Galloping Goose”. Shawna to speak to the Galloping Goose Historical Society.
  • Discussed 5K Fun run theme. No further ideas, but wanting kids input
  • Discussed creating a “Save the Date” postcard. Susan will work on one.
  • Discussed In-kind donations. Which ones do we take? Who determines value?
    • It was decided the club should place the value of any donations, and to stay with the businesses that already give us in-kind donations, but any new ones should be approved by the club.
    • Put Kokopelli & Osprey automatically on sleeves every year? No determination made.
  • Discussed changing start time to somewhere between 9:30 - 9:45am instead of 9:50am. Did not want any bikers to overlap and have to navigate going through the parade, so it was determined we should keep the start time as is (9:50am).
  • Discussed setting a time for awards ceremony instead of waiting for everyone to complete.
    • 1pm was determined to be the best time for awards. It allows most of the riders to be back, and the finishers to have some time visiting the Escalante Days vendors? Motion passed.
  • Should we try to certify the race? Will ask Shawn Gregory what the parameters are and bring to next meeting.
Guest Speaker: Casey McClellan
Mr. McClellan is running for the Dolores School Board, has deep roots in community, and has a high motivation to run. Casey feels that the education level has diminished over the years. In 2010-2011 Dolores was recognized as a school of distinction, but he perceives a lack of discipline in classrooms and with the organization, and those particular test scores have gone down since then. He is not a fan of grants and questions the long term costs of running the School-based health clinic. Spoke about how in the past, new teacher candidates were interviewed by parents as well as administrators. Wants teachers to get additional training and wants pay to be commensurate with other districts.
Meeting adjourned at 7:35am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: October 17, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? What fun thing did you do this past weekend?
In Attendance: Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Andrew Schafer, Susan Lisak, John Taveira, Charley Miller, Eli Brown,  John White, Kay Phelps, Santiago Lopez, Dan Jones, Tom Seymour, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Paul Bilger
Any New Guests?
Kay Phelps - candidate for the school board, teaches science and leadership and community relations at Fort Lewis College.
Christmas light installation & maintenance, Saturday Oct 21st.
  • Meet for breakfast at 8am at Ponderosa, up to lights area at 9am. Dress warmly. Larry already cleaned out brush. Will see if we need to work on angel. Hiking boots.
  • Update: lots of lights were out (over 100). Ordered more thru the General Store, will need to set up another volunteer outing when lights come in.
Commodities update:
  • Charley said we ran out of food again. Food has gone down over the years, in the past it took two trucks, now just 1 truck is plenty. Haven't had meat in the mix for months.
  • Speak with congressman to get more food? Mark Tucker will do some research on farm bill.
Donation Request:
  • Butler’s corner Nature center - Kay Phelps is on their board. Discussed the possibility of a future fundraiser for them. Fundraising committee will meet soon. It was decided that we would love to have her come in and speak to us.
  • Update: Kathy accepted the speaker invitation and will join us Jan 9th.
Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE)
  • Looking for a Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) to be trained for our club, so we need volunteers for a short training session.
  • We are also looking for host families for the 2018-2019 season. They do not need to be a Rotary member, but it helps if they have kids in highschool. Goes from June 2018 - June 2019.
  • Marilyn Branch will be down from the Telluride club to talk about this in the coming weeks.
7:10am - Guest Speaker: Santiago Lopez - Dolores Town Mayor
  • This is Santiago Lopez’s 2nd year as mayor.
  • The playground at Joe Rowell Park is the hot topic issue lately. The playground is in a lot of disrepair, and the town has done what they can for maintenance. Setting up a committee for parks and recreation.
  • The town has also put in a new AV system to improve their board meetings. They have also allocated money to fix a pipe underneath the Dolores river this winter. Will need to divert the river to be able to make repairs, but it needs to happen so that the river does not become contaminated should the pipe fail. Did receive a grant to help with the repair costs of $50K.
  • It was asked if there were any future plans on an official town manager. For financial reasons, stayed with town staff. Something that they have been discussing, but nothing in the plans.
  • Board elections are in April, there will be 5 seats open (mayor position and 4 trustees). If interested, packets will be available in January, need to be 18 or older, and be living in town of Dolores for at least 1 year. Must get 25 signatures.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: October 10, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Pledge of Allegiance
Question of the Day? What do you need to do before winter comes?
In Attendance: Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, Dan Porter, Robbie Singer, Mark Tucker, Tom Seymour, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Will Furse, Dave Sanford, Susan Lisak, Paul Bilger, Shawna Valdez, Eli Brown, John White, Lori Haukeness, Cameron Elder, Courtney Corbitt, Deanna Truelson
Any New Guests?
  • John White, from Rochester NY.  John visits every October and attends our Rotary meetings. Welcome back!
Homecoming Weekend Review  
  • Giant Rotary Wheel was at the Homecoming Parade Friday afternoon, with Rotarians dressed as Wizard of Oz characters and information cards were given out.  Friday night was the football game, and Saturday was the Homecoming Dance.
Donation Request:
  • The Cortez High School is asking for a bike helmet for a disabled student. We have a few in storage left over from the Kids Bike Rodeo.
  • Dave Sanford will coordinate with Jim Reser of the Cortez Rotary Club. Motion passed.
Donation Request:
  • Cameron Elder and Courtney Corbitt, with the Dolores High School Student government to speak about their Kids Christmas program
  • Each year, the Student Government coordinates with Elementary school counselors to take around 20 kids Christmas shopping.
  • Kids are chosen by Elementary school counselors based on need, their guardians are given forms to fill out, and then the kids are taken to Walmart and paired with a high school student chaperone, with around $100 per kid to spend on various items, like clothing, school needs, presents, toys, etc.  Afterwards, they go to Wendy’s for lunch.
  • Cameron estimated they’ve been able to raise around $1500 so far, but need over $2000.
  • Other sources of revenue are from the Homecoming dance, donut & coffee days, and other fundraising events that come up
  • Motion was made to nominate Cameron Elder as an honorary Rotary member. This will allow Cameron to sell raffle tickets for the vacation raffle, in which half of the proceeds will go to her cause. Motion passed. Cameron has been added to the Clubrunner membership page.
Christmas light installation & maintenance, Saturday Oct 21st.
  • Need a ladder, electrical or duct tape to secure wires, game camera, D batteries, SD card, and people mostly checking lights.
  • Did Rico pick up old wreaths? Unsure.
  • Meet for breakfast at 8am at Ponderosa, up to lights area at 9am.
Harvest Fest, Saturday, Oct 14th
  • Raffle tickets will be sold at the beer tent, which will be run by Susan Lisak, Ed & Sheryl Merritt, and Shawna Valdez as volunteers, and anyone else who wishes to help out.
  • Susan will bring the banner, vacation raffle tickets, and signs. Ed & Dr. Burnside will bring rifle tickets.
  • Goes from 10am - 4pm, Flanders Park
7:10am - Guest Speakers
Lori Haukeness, Superintendent Montezuma-Cortez School District RE-1
Dan Porter, Assistant Superintendent - Montezuma-Cortez School District RE-1
  • Ballot Issue 3B: Mill Levy Override (MLO)
    • The upcoming Cortez Mill Levy vote on Nov 7th will cover 3 categories:
      • Recruit & Retain teachers - had 35 teachers quit out of 190, lost 3 to Durango
        • 50% of teachers have less than 5 years of experience
        • 3B would bring salaries from $29,250 to $33,600
      • Technology - infrastructure and computers
        • Buildings are aging and do not carry the needed electrical infrastructure
        • 1:1 device (chromebooks, laptops, etc) to kid ratio is the goal
      • Transportation - aging bus fleet
        • Engine’s are going out
        • Metal fatigue from county roads
        • They have a 20 year plan of replacing buses
    • This will amount to about $35.69 residential increase per $100,000 value
    • Only 58 districts in the state have no mill levy override. 120 already have one in place. Montezuma is one of the poorest counties.
    • Would give about $4.9 million to school use.
    • Teachers have been involved and have organized walks around neighborhoods to spread the word.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: October 3, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
Question of the Day? Recent happy thought or experience.  
Bike Race Meeting Overview
  • Discussed sponsor amounts and levels
  • Should we start the sponsor levels at $100? If anyone donates lower amounts we can just put them on the website. Tabled for further discussion
  • Change the sponsor forms so that the top part is to participate with advertising and the bottom part solely for donations or swag bags? Discussed, and a sample form will be forthcoming to view for the next bike race meeting.
  • We should change the number of shirts given for sponsors. Tabled until next bike race meeting.
  • Advertise in Mountain Flyer? No. It was decided that this year we would only partake in free opportunities to list the event, since word of mouth has always been the most important and we are unsure of the ROI of any printed advertisement.
Other Business
  • September Bingo update (for DHS government)
    • Had a poor turnout, probably due to a schedule conflict with the volleyball tournament, along with it being the first of the year, and no marketing efforts.
    • Discussion of what the club should do when not enough donations come in.
    • Raised $154 with dessert auction, $120 on bingo, for a total of $274
    • Maybe next year we should reconsider the timing of the school sponsored bingos,  changing them to later in the year for a better turnout.
    • Discussed whether we should promise a minimum donation. No, the beneficiaries need to spread the word and get their people to attend. We don’t want the audience to be mainly Rotarians, and then on top of that give more money. But based on circumstance, we may discuss whether to add any additional funding on a case-by-case basis.
    • Will ask if the student gov’t wants to present at the next meeting and ask for a donation.
  • Need to schedule a maintenance day for the hillside lights
    • Discussed, and Saturday, October 21st has been chosen.
    • Meet at 8am for breakfast at the Ponderosa, 9am up at lights
    • Shawna wants to look at shed before lights go out.
    • Dan will Call Casey Mcclellan and electric company (done).
    • Need to bring a ladder, replacement bulbs, and game camera (needs D batteries and SD card).
    • Want to change the lights on the angel?  
Financials with Ed Merritt
  • Last year same time we were $2600 in the red, now $1350 in the black
  • Susan attended a Grant Seminar Sep 23rd in Grand Junction. This allows us to apply for Rotary International District or Global grants (see addendum on Grant information below).
  • Save the Playground initiative
    • There was a formal workshop and a community organization
    • Greater Dolores Action (GDA) will help with getting grants and have the money flow through them for non-profit status.
    • Trying to raise money to get Leathers to evaluate the playground and offer their advice. Started a Go Fund Me initiative, raised over $2K so far.
    • There will be a fundraising table at the upcoming Harvest Fest on Oct 14th, they need volunteers.
    • Will have donation jars around town.
    • Also are asking people to attend the next board meeting on October 10th
  • Need Rotary volunteers this Friday for float decorations, costumes, and candy/postcard distributors for the Homecoming day parade. Need to have everything ready by 2pm at the General Store. Need straw man and tin man volunteer.  
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Addendum: Rotary Grant Information
Rotary International -  District and Global Grants
Must include the active participation of Rotarians
Include signage on the project listing Rotary as the grant sponsor
Have a separate bank account for the project
Have the final report and costs completed by the end of fiscal year (June 30th)
Have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on file with Rotary International
Have no conflicts of interest with the project or any vendors
Must retain all records for at least 5 years
District Grant Requirements
  • You can use district grants to fund things like: Humanitarian projects, Local/Community projects, Scholarships, Youth programs, Vocational training teams
  • District grants require a 50% investment by the club, and the district may donate the other 50%, usually up to $5K. Multiple clubs may join in.
Global grant requirements
  • Must align with one of Rotary’s 6 areas of focus: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water/sanitation/hygiene, saving mothers and children, supporting education, growing local economies.
  • Are sustainable: communities must be able to address their own needs after the Rotary club or district has completed its work, like maintenance, insurance, permits, etc.
  • Are measurable: using standard measures from the Rotary Grant Plan supplement.
  • Are host community driven:  The host community designs the grant based on local needs that they have identified, takes the lead, and does any necessary surveys or assessments.
  • Minimum budget of $30K. Multiple clubs may join in.
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: September 26, 2017
Question of the Day? Do you prefer mountain bikes or road bikes and why.
In Attendance: Shawna Valdez, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Susan Lisak, Dr. Mac Wyman, Mike Nielsen
New Guests:
Mike Nielsen
New Rotary member: Dr. Mac Wyman
Bike Race Meeting
Talk about committees and how tasks and discussions should be set up
Volunteer committee - Shawna Valdez present
  • Have more of a laid-out schedule, have openings for last-minute volunteers. Tap into the volunteers at the Dolores River Fest.
  • Need more volunteers for the Bike Rodeo
  • Volunteers can sign up thru
Bike Rodeo Committee - Dave Sanford and Dr. Allan Burnside present
  • This year’s course was more challenging and better organized, but we could have used more volunteers.
  • The kids really liked the jumps, but we also need to include the rules of the road, so kids get the safety aspect in as well.
  • Maybe the time can be extended if the Chamber can move around the ice cream contest. More discussion in the future.
  • We may have to source our own helmets in the future. Maybe we can trade with Kokopelli in exchange for publicity and t-shirt sponsorship.
Sponsor Committee - Ed Merritt present
  • Susan L will reach out to corporate sponsors, as this is the time to do so, when they are working on next year’s budgets.
  • Some discussion on sponsor amounts and levels, will add to next business meeting
Permit Committee - Mark Tucker present
  • Motorcycle sweepers should wear official orange vest, so when they encounter others, they will know it’s on official duty.
  • Will communicate with sheriff on best time to close the road. Felt it was a little too early this past year.
Marketing Committee - Susan Lisak present
  • Advertise in Mountain Flyer? It’s in every bike shop, more discussion to follow
  • 12 hours of mesa verde postcards need to be repeated.
  • Cyclo cross advertising? More discussion needed
  • Leadville 100 advertising? More discussion needed
Fundraising committee - Susan Lisak & Dr. Burnside present
  • Dr. Burnside said everyone loved the bags, offered the idea that we could order 1000 bags and get 10-20 sponsors to give $250 to be on the bag as a separate fundraising opportunity. Then give them first right of refusal when we need to do another bag order.
  • Have bingo raffles, split proceeds with winner
  • Dunk tank at next Escalante Days?
  • Partner with different rotary groups?
Other Items:
  • Reflections in Metal owes $250, Julie Suckla $100, 4 corners community needs a W9,
  • 5K fun run - needed a lot more attendance and the word getting out to parents.
    • Family and pets 5K fun run?
    • Wear a costume fun run?
    • Make it a challenging course? Thru water, mud, etc.
  • Tabled the discussion about naming the 50-mile endurance course the “Galloping Goose” until the next meeting.
  • Discussed changes if the event gets split to partially being at Joe Rowell park. Not enough information at this time.
  • We need to schedule a maintenance day for the hillside lights
Meeting adjourned at 7:35am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: September 19, 2017
Question of the Day? What do you enjoy most about the fall season.
In Attendance: Adam Barnhurst, Carl Buchta, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Pamela Pacheco, Jenifer Hufman, Dave Sanford, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, Shawna Valdez, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Dan Jones, Paul Bilger, Eli Brown, Cameron Elder, Tel Hamilton, Alena Cosner
New Guests: Pamela Pacheco, Tel Hamilton, Alena Cosner, all here to speak about the Dolores Knowledge Bowl
Former Rotary Youth Exchange Student, Giuseppe Privitera will be visiting Nov. 19-Dec. 13
Donation Request: Angela Horvath with SCYC is asking for $500 for Teen Maze. After some discussion, a motion was made for a $250 donation, Dave S. seconded, passed.
Donation Request: Jordan Davis, Colorado Springs Rotary, Water & Sanitation Project in Nicaragua. After some discussion, we decided to hold a raffle at the next bingo event where the raffle winner gets half of the pot, and the other half goes to the Colorado Springs Rotary. Motion made and passed. Tickets $1 each.
Update: Sep 16th was the Taste of Sweet Dolores. Set up a raffle/t-shirt table and was able to raise $193 ($140 towards vacation raffle, $40 towards gun raffle, $10 t-shirt sale, and $3 open donation).
There’s a Playground meeting & workshop at Town Hall on Sept 26, and a Save our Campground event on Sept 28th at the Dolores River Campground
Dan Jones announced that the Rec Center will be closed Oct 8 - 15 for renovations.
Oct 1 Telluride 4x4 Rotary Event. Susan will send out an email with information about brining your own ATV, they just need to know who will be joining them.  
Should we set up our vacation and rifle raffles at bingo? After some discussion it was decided no, that it would take away revenue from the bingo recipient.
Tonight: Dolores School Board Candidate Forum
Hosted by the Dolores Education Association (DEA) at the School Library at 6pm Tuesday the 19th.  This is a great opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them questions. There are 7 candidates running for two open seats.
The candidates are:
  • Sandra Corbitt
  • Jerry Whited  
  • Lisa Holz  
  • Kay Phelps  
  • Eugene Reininger III  
  • Rebecca Frasier  
  • Casey McClellan  
Today’s Guest Speakers: Tel Hamilton & Alana Cosner, Knowledge Bowl
Tel spoke about the first event of the season where 8 schools came to Dolores to compete
Knowledge Bowl asks questions where the teams have to hit a buzzer and answer the question. If the question was answered incorrectly, the opposing team has the chance to answer. Top 3 teams are ranked. Questions are a little of everything. It is open to anyone to watch. They try to do 2 practices a week, and their season runs from September thru February, with meets a couple times a month.
They are having lots of problems with their current buzzing system, with faulty wiring and circuits blowing. Each team must bring their own buzzing system to each meet. Their next meet is Oct 9 in Ignacio.
Shawna V. made a motion to donate $300, Deanna seconded. Dan then made a motion to amend and asked if we could just purchase their system. Amended motion passed.
We also passed a donation cup and was able to collect an additional $231 to go towards their transportation expenses.
Cameron Elder: Cameron is on the Dolores Student Government and is looking for more community members and organizations in the upcoming  Homecoming parade, happening Friday, October 6th. They need volunteers, floats, and sponsors. Starting at 2pm. Theme is Wizard of Oz, and Dr. Burnside has some costumes. Scott is going to see if he can locate a rotary wheel on a trailer that they’ve used in the past, and we can turn that into a float, give out candy, dress up. If you want to help, let Scott Cooper know. Decide by next week.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Rotary Meeting Minutes For: September 12, 2017
In Attendance: Dana Hill, Robbie Singer, Carl Buchta, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, Charley Miller, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Paul Bilger, Eli Brown, Angela Horvath, Dan Jones
New Guests:
Angela Horvath - SCYC
Dr. Charlotte Wolf - Director of Southwest Open Schools (SWOS)
Joined Rotary and is now a Rotary Member!! Welcome!
Dr. Charlotte Wolf
Clubrunner Website changes
  • Online Rotary Membership application form is now active on the Clubrunner website. It’s a link located at the top of the page. Goes to a Google form they can fill out and submit, which will be routed to Susan, who will get in touch with them.
  • Working on a fillable pdf version of the application form.
  • Added a “Contact Us” widget to the Clubrunner website as well, emails are routed to Susan
  • All confirmed speakers have been added on home page
  • Committees have been created within Clubrunner’s internal database and Rotarians have been assigned to the various committees there. If you are on one, it will be listed on the Membership Directory. (click on the Members Area, then Membership tab, then Member Lists. Find your name, then click on the Commitments tab)
Knowledge Bowl Donation Request: After some discussion, decided to invite Tel Hamilton to speak with Knowledge Bowl @ Sep 19th meeting
A "TASTE" of Sweet Dolores, a Community Get Together
  • Saturday, Sept 16th, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm at Flanders Park.  Decided to set up a booth @ 3pm, sell raffle tickets and t-shirts. Booth space is free.
Raffle update - vacation $1200, Rifle - $520
Dec 12th is drawing date
Commodities update - sometime we get enough, sometimes not enough. This month we had a little extra food. Stayed open till 7:30am, about 25 boxes given out.
Guest Speaker - Angela Horvath, Teen Maze
  • Happening Nov 15 - 16, about 90 minutes long, 7th & 8th graders
  • Teen maze has been changed to be able to accommodate up to 700 kids, had 310 kids last year.
  • Angela is visiting area schools to invite kids to be a part of it.
  • The maze gives kids the opportunity to make life choices, and the possible outcomes from those choices.
  • Kids have question and answer sessions
  • Have counselors to assist with any immediate needs
  • Parents have to fill out waiver. The source of information that kids get is very important, try to stick to scientific evidence
  • Have to rent curtains, fairgrounds, county gives grant, get t-shirts.
  • Looking for volunteers and donations.
Meeting adjourned at 7:31am
Rotary Meeting Agenda For: September 5, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
  • Question of the Day? What have you done over Labor day?
  • In Attendance: Phil Casper, Ryan Nichols, Dana Hill, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, Tom Seymour, Susan Lisak, Rocky Moss, Eli Brown, Dan Jones
Club Business & Announcements:  6:45am
New Guests - Introduction, Phil Casper & Ryan Nichols
Ryan - Travelhost magazine, construction project manager background
Phil - retired, lives on farm.
Making some Rotary forms digital, either fill in pdf, or available to submit online.
Ed Merritt - update on Dolores Rotary Financials
Good news, up 2-3K from bike race, working on 3 membership dues, at 31 members with 3 more applications.
Teen Maze - never got $250 check from last year, so sending $250 this year. Scott to find out if she still wants to present, maybe send out additional funding. Update: Angela is set for Sept 12th meeting as a guest speaker
Ways to increase Rotary membership Discussion:
  • Scott texted some of his contacts, got 7-8 people to respond
  • Larry Browning interested (he’s the one that was injured at the bike race this year)
  • Trying to get over 40 members, and more female members
  • Invite all businesses in town, Rocky may put info on next chamber newsletter
  • Dani Gregory has access to riders, reach out to see if any of them may be interested
  • Kokopelli bike club - Scott may reach out to them
  • Reach out to past members
  • Promote membership at monthly bingos
Telluride Rotary Club - highest meeting in Colorado on October 1st
  • Sunday, October 1st - Telluride Rotary Club is hosting the highest club meeting in Colorado up at the Imogene pass, 13,114 feet. Starting place is at 121 West Colorado Avenue at 1pm in Telluride.
  • Bring your 4x4 up in the convoy of vehicles, or get a ride up for $45pp.
  • Once at the top, they’ll do introductions (bring a dollar), short meeting, get your pics, then head back into the town of Telluride for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
  • Contact Doug Avery at or Marilyn Branch at no later than Wednesday, Sept. 27 if you plan to participate
  • If you need transportation up, call Telluride Outside at 970-728-3895, add your name to the Rotary 4x4 list and give them a credit card for the $45 cost
Rotary International’s new rule on RYLA Exchange Students. If you send a student, you must host a student. A year-long committment. 15-16 year olds. They arrive in late July.  In June the following year, the students go on a month-long road trip before heading back home.
Bingo - Rocky will lead the next one on Sept 26th, recipient is the Dolores Student Government, would be nice to get more Rotarians to attend. Invite Cortez Rotary to bingo.
Sep 9 - Harvest Beer Fest - Tickets $35, proceeds to to Montezuma land conservancy
Oct 14 - Dolores Harvest Fest - live music - 10am-5pm, vendor booth is $50. There were 400-500 ppl last year. One of the big problems this year is no fruit.
Evening social for Rotary at the brewpub? It may be easier for some members to join that can’t make the morning meetings. Maybe 5:30pm - 7pm? May have better luck later in the year when it gets dark early.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25am
  Rifle Raffle - Drawing in December   John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Tom Seymour, Robbie Singer
Bike Race Meeting Minutes For: August 29th, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
  • Question of the Day? Natural disaster experience?
  • In Attendance: Dan Jones, Tom Seymour, Adam Barnhurst, Dana Hill, Carl Buchta, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Mark Tucker, Dave Sanford, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Rocky Moss, Shawna Valdez, Eli Brown, Rebecca Frasier, Val Truelson
Club Business & Announcements:  6:45am
  • Susan attending Grant Seminar Sep 23rd in Grand Junction. This will allow us to apply for Rotary International grants.
  • Rocky is PE (President-elect)
  • Susan Nominated for PEN (President-elect nominee). Motion to approve PEN tabled until the Annual Christmas party in December.
  • Send both PE and PEN both to PETS (President-elect training seminar) this year? Motion called and seconded, passed
  • Dues needed, some Rotarians given names to follow up with
Guest Attendee: Rebecca Frasier
  • Rebecca is running for the school board full time,
  • Works at the DA’s office
  • Asking for anyone in the Dolores School District to sign her petition
Other Club business
  • Ed went to Cortez Rotary Club, Shane Hale is president, saw Walt, Brad, Renee, and Bill. Their goal is increase public presence and membership, they meet 2nd and 4th monday if anyone would like to attend.
  • We need speakers, Rocky will work on it
  • Email blast out to past racers to let them know of low registration fee for next year’s race good till Sep 10th. Will also post on Facebook.
  • Rocky to run next bingo with Dr. Burnside’s help, Rocky will contact Cameron Elder to make sure she has info she needs to set up bingo dinner
  • Chamber update: Escalante days was successful, Rocky is planning the Harvest Fest on Oct 14, cider tasting, beer and wine tasting, accepting vendors.
  • Dr. Burnside - raffle tickets update. We’ve collected $930 for the Vacation Raffle, and $240 for the Rifle Raffle
  • Get Raffle info out on Facebook
  • Dolores State bank - Shawna spoke about how they are releasing a mobile banking app this week, with more features like bill pay coming in the future. Shawna would like to speak more about it on Nov 14th, once every feature is live. Added to speaker list as tentative.
  • Ed Merritt is retiring from the Dolores State Bank on Nov 17th. Party? Info to come.
Bike Race Meeting:
Please let Scott Cooper or Susan Lisak know which committees you would like to be on! Openings still available, would like at least 3-5ppl on each committee.
2017 - 2018 Race Director: Rocky Moss
2017-2018 Committees:
  • Volunteer Committee (Bike Rodeo / Registration area / Town course)
    • Shawna Valdez
    • Lou Ann Jacobsen Ball
  • Course Volunteer Committee
    • Scott Clow
    • Mark Tucker
  • Bike Rodeo Committee
    • Dr. Burnside
    • Dave Sanford
    • Robbie Singer
    • John Taveira
    • Carl Buchta
  • Sponsor Committee
    • Ed Merritt
    • Rocky Moss
  • Tshirt Committee
    • Susan Lisak
    • Ed Merritt
    • Shawna Valdez
    • Carl Buchta
  • Permit Committee
    • Tom Seymour
    • Mark Tucker
  • Advertising Committee
    • Susan Lisak
    • Rocky Moss
  • Webmaster for /
    • Susan Lisak
    • Shawn Gregory
  • Facebook Webmaster
    • Susan Lisak
    • Rocky Moss
  • General Rotary Fundraising Committee
    • Susan Lisak
    • Rocky Moss
    • Dr. Burnside
    • Robby Singer
Meeting adjourned at 7:25am
Meeting Minutes For: August 22nd, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Inspiration
  • Question of the Day? What was your eclipse experience?
  • In attendance: Adam Barnhurst, Robbie Singer, Tom Seymour, Dr. Burnside, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, Lou Ann Jacobson Ball, Shawna Valdez, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Carl Buchta, Cameron Elder, Dan Jones, Sheriff Steve Nowlin, Eli Brown, Deanna Truelson
Club Business & Announcements:  6:45am
Guest Introduction:
  • Cameron Elder, Student Government President - Dolores Schools
    • Will update Rotary periodically on school events and activities
      • Talked about homecoming events & parade, fundraisers, student activities
    • Attended a HOBY Leadership trip over the summer at Denver University
      • Funded in part by Dolores Rotary
      • Was there for 5 days as a staff member
      • 230 kids attended
Dolores Schools - Infant Toddler Center
  • They are in need of donations (toys, money) for the newly opened Infant/Toddler Center. Items can be dropped off at Scott Cooper’s office, at the Center directly or arranged to be picked up.
  • Opened on Monday, Aug 21st.
  • Motion made to give $100 to dolores school district for their Infant/Toddler center. Seconded and passed.
Bike Race Debrief - Continued
  • Sheriff Steve Nowlin
    • Spoke about some conversations with road department and closing of the road for the race, and successfully worked all the issues out before the race started.
    • High school students did not do very good at directing traffic, may need to close up alley near bank next year
    • Asked if the race time could be started 10-20 minutes early. Will discuss the possibility at future bike race meetings.
  • Robby Singer
    • Happy of sheriff’s response with car accident and target shooting incident
    • Handicap parking areas next year? Saw a lot of vehicles looking for handicap accessible parking.
  • Dr. Burnside
    • Had some close calls with traffic and parking behind the medical center, would like to talk about having parking attendants and charging for parking
    • Proposed on next goodie bag order, that we get sponsors for bags, maybe 20 sponsor logos @ $250/piece, no year, 1000 bags, and the first right of refusal on the next run, switch colors on next run.
  • Ed Merritt
    • Some outstanding money owed from sponsors
    • Approx $8200 profit
    • Motion was called to donate $300 to Search & Rescue, $100 to the Dolores Fire Department, and $100 to the Dolores Football team. These amounts were the same as what was donated last year. Seconded and passed.
  • Other Bike race notes
    • Fire department - see if they can video the race start using a drone
    • 5K fun run - needed a lot more attendance and the word getting out to parents.
    • More two-way radios and announcements of riders coming in.
    • Rodeo was well attended, and the course was great this year, but they were short on volunteers
    • More emails about volunteer needs and times to show up
    • Shawna Valdez offered to be next year’s volunteer coordinator
    • John Taveira & Robby Singer offered to be on next year’s Bike Rodeo course committee
    • Will continue to have bike race meetings on the 4th Tuesday of every month
    • Kokopellis want to donate water bottles for bags next year
    • Osprey will donate $1500 in packs next year
    • Invite The Galloping Goose Society as guest speaker
    • Talked about naming the 50-mile endurance course the “Galloping Goose”
  • Items from prior meetings:
    • Work on controlling traffic and route thru town
    • Put up signs two weeks early for road shut down, notices at Doc’s Marina
    • Course was marked well, maybe a better warning where the 13-mile accident happened, or have volunteers stationed there next year
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am
Meeting Minutes For: August 15th, 2017
Call to Order:   6:30am
  • Question of the Day? Share an experience you had this weekend.
  • In Attendance: Carl Buchta, Adam Barnhurst, Tom Seymour, Robbie Singer, Dr. Burnside, Valiena Rosenkrance, Scott Cooper, Ed Merritt, Dave Sanford, Dan Jones, John Taveira, Susan Lisak, Paul Bilger, Val Truelson
Club Business & Announcements:  6:45am
Today’s Guest Speaker:
Valiena Rosenkrance - Preschool Director, Dolores Schools
  • Talked about their new Infant Toddler Program
    • Last year, they were concerned about all the teachers having babies, so after some research for an expanded infant-toddler program, they were able to secure a $13K grant for modular reconstruction, another $10K from state, and lots of donated time, money and materials from Cortez Electric, Corky’s Plumbing, Stone sand and gravel, Four Corner’s Material, Rosenwell Engineering, Town of Dolores, and the Dolores State Bank
    • Because of this program, they were able to retain 2 teachers, and attracted new teachers because of the program
    • Still in need of toys for infant & toddlers, and any monetary donations to help with supplies and things. Please drop off to Scott Cooper.
Bike Race Debrief
  • 130 Riders, 81 Bike Rodeo kids, 8 5K fun runners
  • Small / Med / Large T-shirts are gone. We still have Mens/Womens XL and 2XL available
  • Online Revenue from riders: $4557.27 (need same day registration $$$)
  • Website traffic this year is way up
    • 198% higher compared to all of 2016
    • 15,510 clicks compared to 7813 clicks last year
    • August is a record breaker, with 4910 clicks as of Aug 14th.
  • Facebook has been updated with photos, video’s and events
  • 2018 registration is now open, with a $20 discount if registered by the end of this month.
  • Website updated
    • 2018 information and dates
    • Registration page with link to imathlete, along with pricing and dates to register by
    • Results page has info and links to Rocky Mountain Timing
  • Work on traffic and route thru town
  • Put up signs two weeks early for road shut down, notices at Doc’s Marina
  • Should we have a policy for injuries that they must be escorted back to town or to hospital? no, can't force them if they refuse treatment, against law.
  • Course was marked well
  • Volunteers turnout was good,
  • Better warning sign at dip, or volunteers there to warn
  • Still waiting on some sponsors to send their promised donations
Rotary membership dues:
  • 22 members have paid, 12 members still need to send their dues in.
Future Guest Speakers needed - will create a Google Doc for Rotarians to access, Link is here
  • Middle two/three Tuesdays set aside for speakers, none in July
  • 4th Tuesday is for bike race discussion and bingo
Meeting adjourned at 7:30am

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Apr 13, 2018
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