Rotary was founded on February 23, 1905 and built on a principal of service above self.  Rotary is the best known Service Club in the world.
The Rotary Club of Colorado Springs, chartered on May 1, 1916 as club #218, is the oldest and largest service club in town and has always consisted of members in a variety of businesses and industries.  Being a downtown club does mean that we have a concentration of bankers, investment, legal and insurance professionals which parallels the mix of businesses in the core business district.
Here is a current list of all the Classifications of our Active Members:
Attorney - Criminal
Accounting Manager
Affordable Housing
Banking - Commercial
Banking - Corporate
Banking -  Management
Banking - Loan Officer
Banking - Trust Officer
Banking - Business
Banking - Business Development
Banking - Commercial
Banking - Mortgages
Banking - Consumer Lending
Benefit Services - Corporate
Broadcast Companies
Business Insurance
Business Services Brokerage
Business Valuations
Charitable Organization - Community Outreach
Chiropractic Services
Clothing Western Retail
College Administration
College Education Mathematics
Commercial Insurance
Commercial Land Developer
Commercial Real Estate
Computer - Repair
Computer -Solutions and Services
Construction - General Contracton
Copper Products
Credit Reporting Collections
Credit Reporting Collections
Cultural Organizations
Defense Industry Systems
Dentistry - Family
Doors Wholesale
Drywall Contractor
Education - University Services
Education - Administration
Education - Ethics
Educational - Research
Elementary Principal - Retired
Estate Business Asset Protection Law
Executive Networking
Fashion Designer
Financial Planning
Foundation - Children
Fund Raising
Funeral Directing
Funeral Director
Health Care Public
Health Education
Higher Education - Dean
Human Services
Independent Living
Insurance - Life
Insurance - Investments
Internet Management
Investments - Broker Advisor
Investments - Counseling
Investments - Financial Planning
Investments - Research
Investments - Planning
Law - Business
Law - Labor
Law Litigation
Law - Attorney General
Law - Federal Litigator
Law - Sales
Legal Official
Manufacturing Concrete
Medical - Oncology
Medicare & Long Term Care Insurance
Military - Air Force
Non Profit Consulting
Non-Profit Organizations
Non-Profit: Community Support
Non-Profit: Human Services
Oil and Gas Development
Petroleum Products - Wholesale
Physician Cardiology
Private Money Lender
Property Management
Psychology Clinical
Public STEAM Project
Real Estate - Residential
Real Estate Commercial
Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Mortgage Lending
Real Estate Residential
Real Estate Sales
Religion Business Administration
Retired Human Services
Scholarship Services
School Superintendent
Small Business Investment
Social Media - Marketing
Speech Therapist
Sports - Law
State Banking
Structural Steel Distribution
Systems Analyst
Teacher Advocacy
Telecommunication - Networking
Tool Engineering
Utilities Natural Gas Transmission
Water Resources
Web Services
Womens Clothing Manufacturer
Zoological Park
Unknown - 3