November is Rotary Foundation month and our District Chair, Lloyd Nordhausen, announced the kick-off of this annual effort. 
This campaign is part of our Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) fund drive and critical to the service we provide in our communities and around the world!  The District has set a goal to raise $300,000 in contributions so that 36 months from now, our District will have $150,000 to fund District & Global grants to our clubs!  There is no way to express how important our contributions are to our District's ability to provide funds to service projects at our club level!
He is asking each member of our District to contribute something.  No amount is too small that helps our efforts to fund global and district grants.  Remember, half of every dollar we contribute comes back the district to fund our district & global grants. We are recognized and rewarded if we can get Every Rotarian (Every Year) to contribute SOMETHING! 
No matter what you contribute it HELPS and WE THANK YOU!
Now, here is what would be ideal!   We would love for each member to consider donating a total of at least $150 over the next TWO MONTHS (TEN WEEKS)!  That's right...we would be INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL if each member would consider finding $150 dollars over the last TEN WEEKS REMAINING in the YEAR ($15 / Week) to Donate to the Rotary Foundations' Annual Fund.  You can break that down into 10 $15 contributions; you can do TWO $75 contributions or you can donate one time $150!  If all roughly 2000 members of our District contributes $150 or more, WE WILL REACH OUR GOAL!  
We know this year has been tough on so many Rotary families.  We know times have been crazy!  We know and understand if you can't help at this time!  We TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!  BUT, IF YOU CAN, WE WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL FOR ANY HELP with the goal of $150 over the next TWO MONTHS from EVERY ROTARIAN in the District!  This is $15 a week for the next 10 weeks! 
CAN YOU HELP US RAISE $300,000 for the ROTARY FOUNDATION ANNUL FUND to support our service?  
If we raise $300,000 for the Rotary Foundations' Annul Fund, our District will receive $150,000 to fund
our District & Global Grants 3 years from now!