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As I sat down to gather my thoughts, I keep coming back to the interconnectedness of all things. There is so much to talk about that touches upon the life of this club in this week: Flight and School District 11, Grandparents’ Day, the Planet Walk, Disaster Relief in the Bahamas even as we watch the Carolina coast, the Diamond Awards, reading to elementary students. However, I am distracted by the 9/11 remembrances filling my newsfeed. I sympathize anew with the survivors and mourn the dead and viscerally remember how I felt as I watched the news in numb horror. What is it about us that makes the lives of others so important to us, even when no direct effect is felt?
“What affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.
This week we make the final push towards this year’s Flight Gala. Please buy your tickets and join us on September 14 at the DoubleTree Hotel. Please return your raffle ticket stubs and money. Please bring your silent auction items and forms. Above all, please share what we are doing with your friends and neighbors and invite them to join us in the work. Flight is the way we are most visible in the community, but it is also how we raise money for such projects as the Diamond Awards and Disaster Relief. It is one of the ways we help the students of D11 become who they ought to be through grants to STEAM education.
“Cosmos is a Greek word for the order of the universe. It is, in a way, the opposite of Chaos. It implies the deep interconnectedness of all things. It conveys are for the intricate and subtle way in which the universe is put together.” – Carl Sagan
Come to America the Beautiful Park this Saturday at 8:30 a.m. with your children and grandchildren for the free Planet Walk Odyssey. Parking is free. The planetary passports are free. The speeding citation for exceeding the speed of light is free. The time you with spend with your family involved in Rotary is priceless, as is the interest in science literacy sparked in a young explorer’s mind. What better way could there be to spend the day before Grandparents’ Day? There may be afternoon thunderstorms Saturday, but the morning should be beautiful.
“Being concerned about other people is especially relevant in today’s world. If we consider the complex interconnectedness of our modern lives, how we depend on other and others depend on us, our outlook will change. We’ll begin to see ‘others’ not as somehow distant from us, but as people we are in touch with, people close to us; we will no longer feel indifference to them.” – Dalai Lama
Our Board of Directors has agreed to recommend to the Service Fund that our club participate in disaster relief in the Bahamas (and, if necessary, the Carolinas) through the ongoing partnership Rotary has with Shelter Box. We’ll discuss this at the meeting. However, another way you can help this weekend is to participate in the Broadmoor Rotary Club’s Inaugural Cornhole Tournament, which is also in support of Shelter Box.
“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” – John Muir
It is a beautiful time to be in Rotary, because Rotary connects the world. It allows us to invest in the future through Rotary International’s focus on basic education and literacy. It allows us to come to the aid of those we may never meet but from whom we will never be wholly separate either. It allows us to celebrate the beauty of butterflies while simultaneously celebrating the impact we can have on our community. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and Saturday, and I thank you again for being so committed to our shared work.
This Week's Program 
Sep 06, 2019
Downtown Colorado Springs - A Dynamic Area in a Forward Thinking City
Downtown Colorado Springs - A Dynamic Area in a Forward Thinking City

Perry R. Sanders, Jr. received his Juris Doctor degree from LSU in 1981. Perry is a "Renaissance Man" in that he has achieved success in law, real estate development, music, and concern for the cities in which he resides. Perry has made an indelible mark on Colorado Springs through his many ventures and improvements in our fair city. Come and see what Perry has in store for the future!

His firm website is 

Sep 13, 2019
12th Annual Flight Gala Is Tomorrow
Sep 20, 2019
Burn-out. What are the signs and what can you do if you're burned out.
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Early Bird Ticket Sales
There's still time to purchase FLIGHT tickets at a reduced price.  Purchase your Flight tickets at a reduced price between now and a few days before the Gala.  They're available at our weekly meetings and online at for $120 for individual and $220 for couples.  The prices did just go up.  Don't wait and longer...they're going to go up again a few days before the Gala!
Planet Walk Colorado Springs
The Planet Walk is a FREE event, offered to all people in the community, and perfect for a fun Saturday family activity. Join us at America the Beautiful Park on September 7 at 8:30 a.m. to check in and start walking to the planets at 9:00 a.m. Whether you're attending as a volunteer or as a planet walker, please wear your brand new Rotary T-shirts.
A Planet Walk Odyssey
  • FREE Event:  Walk to the Planets!
  • When:  9:00 AM, September 7, 2019
  • 8:30 to 9:00 Check-in and other activities
  • Where:  America the Beautiful Park
  • Web site:
  • Questions:  719-660-3449
  • See if Elvis really is in orbit around Mars[1]
Planet Walk Colorado Springs and the Downtown Rotary Club are sponsoring a free walk/run event to publicize a speed-of-light model of our Solar System.  
This model will be permanently installed along the Santa Fe Trail starting at America the Beautiful Park. The speed of light would be scaled down to equal an average walking pace, so it would take you about 8 minutes to walk from the model of the sun to the model of the earth! 
WHAT TO BRING: Your sense of wonder and a sense of humor.  We’ll be there to have fun! Wear appropriate clothing and bring water to keep you hydrated during your trip through the solar system. Costumes are encouraged!
WHAT WE’LL GIVE YOU: A Planetary passport with room for visa stamps at each planet.
WHAT TO EXPECT: Walk at 3.1 miles per hour (the speed of light) and you will receive your visa stamp at each planet.
If you arrive at Earth and have exceeded the speed of light, you will receive a visa stamp plus a citation for exceeding the speed of light and breaking the rules described in Einstein's Theory of Relativity!
WHAT NOT TO LEAVE BEHIND: Trash or debris of any kind.  We must leave the park & trail system exactly as we found it.
WHAT NOT TO DO:  No one is allowed to pound any stakes into the ground or behave in an alien manner!  Violators will be sentenced to do HARD time on Pluto and may also be sanctioned by the City.
[1] Tabloid Headline circa 1978                                                                              
Silent Auction: Last Call
This week is the last call for silent auction donations. I do still have a few lingering items I know that some of you have mentioned on donating, as well as silent auction sheets that I have given you, but I still need them filled out and returned back to me. If you have an item(s), please let me know/bring them on Friday. And, if you have a form that you need to return to me, I would be delighted to get those back from you as well!
-Jordan Davis
Rotary Around Town
Broadmoor Rotary will host a city-wide Cornhole Tournament at America the Beautiful Park on September 8 from 11 am to 3 pm in support of Shelter Box USA. Two person teams will pay $50 per entry to compete for a $500 Grand Prize. Tournament play begins at noon. 
Part III of the Rotary Leadership Institute is offered September 14 in the meeting room of the Rockrimmon Public Library. It is not necessary to attend Parts I and II before attending Part III. There is no cost to this leadership training, and it will end well before the Flight gala. See Caryn Adams if interested or respond to the email sent to you earlier this week by Paulette Church.
Saturday, September 21 is the 2019 Bob Carlone Sporting Clay Shoot hosted by Rotary Club of East Colorado Springs. Proceeds benefit Trampled Rose. The event takes place at the Pikes Peak Gun Club in Colorado Springs, CO. Breakfast starts at 7 a.m., with the shoot immediately following at 8 a.m. Whether you're a sharp-shooter or a first-timer, all are welcome! Drawing Ticket enters you for a chance to win a $1,000 gift certificate at Glen Eyrie Castle. You can use the gift certificate for any lodging, gift shop, restaurant or event (to include the Holiday Madrigal Dinner) at Glen Eyrie. The Clay Shoot is sponsored by Platte Furniture, Eastern Colorado Bank, and Morgan Leagal Officers, P.C. Tickets available online at
(Please note that the date of the Bob Corlone Sporting Clay Shoot was incorrectly reported last week. The above date of 9/21/19 is correct).


District Conference
There's still time to sign up for the District 5470 Conference to be held October 11 through 13 at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop, Colorado. The conference promises a family fun weekend with the opportunity to participate in a service project, meet with Rotarians from across the district, engage in facilitated group discussions, listen to inspiring speaker, and enjoy evening entertainment. A variety of lodging options and all resort facilities are available. Conference registration $185.00 includes 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and evening entertainment. Children under 12 are free, teenagers 13-18 $125.00. Register for the conference at and book your loding by calling Mt. Princeton Resort 719-395-2447 (use group code Rotary).
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Planet Walk
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A Planet Walk Odyssey 2019
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Sep 07, 2019
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Orientation Meeting
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12th Annual Flight Gala
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