I first learned about Rotary when I was a new accountant at BiggsKofford.  Kurt Kofford was always talking about the incredible group of business people involved in Rotary projects giving back to the community.  My parents were givers, too, and were very involved in our community while I was growing up.  I recall many evenings and weekends stuffing envelopes to get the word out about some fantastic cause or other!  So, I too want to give back and to be involved in the greatness of our community.   
I moved to Colorado Springs in 1984 but still call Oakland, California, my home where my three sisters continue to reside.  One of my favorite things is our annual sisters weekend (no husbands, no kids)!  I miss my family but love the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.  My husband and I have camped all over the state.  We DINKS (dual income no kids) live on a ranch in eastern El Paso County.  Good/healthy food is at the top of our list and we raise our own meat, eggs, and many vegetables.   My husband used to have a construction company but is now a full-time rancher.  I am a CPA by trade and have been fortunate to utilize and develop those skills in public accounting, real estate, manufacturing, non-profits, and now health care.