Dennis Shoemaker and Ron Rubin are organizing an in-person Rotary lunch on March 19th for those who have had both of their COVID-19 shots and wish to attend the Rotary meeting around computers for the formal meeting that day!
If you feel comfortable in the presence of others who have been inoculated twice, please feel free to join us at noon. There are other Rotarians who go to Sportivo, where we will also be meeting, on Fridays and we can have some great Rotary fellowship with them, as well. Jordan Davis organizes that group. We would suggest wearing masks except when actually eating, please.
No need to "sign up" anywhere but we think Sportivo will be able to accommodate us around a table or two. 
We are looking forward to seeing you there and resuming a kind of fellowship of Rotarians with whom we can hold an informal lunch. We will order off their menu for those who wish to eat.
Only inoculated Rotarians and their inoculated guests, spouses, please. Others of you who wish to join us can join Jordan and Rotarians at their table(s).
We hope to see many of you there and to celebrate Rotary together, again!