Dr. Don McGrath, a National Speaker Association Professional coach volunteered his expertise to pilot a program of Rotarians learning how to give Rotary Themed speaches to share with Rotary Clubs and other groups and associations!  The intent of this program is build a cadre of Rotary Ambassador Speakers who can share Rotary in a professional "TED" talk like way!  As Rotarians we know that sometimes our program speakers are not "too clued in" on what Rotary is all about or we are challenged to bring a guest to Rotary not knowing what the speaker is going to say!  Well that is in the past!  The North Colorado Springs Rotary Club has six certified speakers who can deliver a hard hitting Rotary themed speach in 20 minutes!  Can you imagine how other clubs in our district can benefit from these new speech providers?  Can you imagine being able to bring to these Rotary Ambassadors to a social group, church or business to help them raise awareness of who we are as Rotarians?  Well, contact Dr. Don and see how these new Rotary Amabassdor Speakers can come talk about who and why we are Rotarians!