WOW!  What an amazing Program Speaker!  Dr. Regina Lewis brought her best!
The North Colorado Springs Rotary Club was honored to host Dr. Regina Lewis from the Colorado Springs Club and the Univeristy of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  Bill Savage introduced Dr. Lewis and for the next 20 minutes the club was immersed in excellence!  Dr. Lewis is the Special Assistant to the University President for Academic excellence.  She gave an amazing talk about diversity and inclusion training.  CULTURAL EXCELLENCE, IDEAS and DISCUSSIONS (CEID)  Planting Awareness and Unconscience Bias. Rotarians must strive to live above prejudice and bias. Dr. Lewis challenged all Rotarians to grow and be aware.  She conducted an exercise of what are top four values we hold in each of our lives. She challenged the group to exchange values and then rip up the values of others. It was a profound exercise that highlighted how our values are often torn up by others in society.  She stated  "No one can take our values from us, but society can make it appear so, and our values that we have left don’t mean much anymore."  She continued to share incredibly vulnerable and impactful stories of her life and insightful teachings that brought everyone to consider how we can all be better Rotarians be being more inclusive.