President Dodi Doolittle called our 10-31-13 meeting to order. Chris Knutsen led us in the pledge of allegiance and Carl Richards said grace.


GUESTS: Iris Schickler was back after a long cold drive from Canada. Other winter members Mel Hansen and Jack Holmes were back too.


It was our third reading for membership for Shawn Gibson.


We inducted John Schreur as the newest member of our club. Anita VanWagoner pinned him. He said at his last workplace he was supposed to join Rotary, but put it off until he could join here. John has worked in education since 1974, and is currently director of construction and public relations for the Florence school district. He also served 12 years in the Navy.


FINES, etc.: Mark Cowling collected fines and happy bucks. 

Barbara Kelly won the big scratcher ticket. In our big game, with 21 cards left and $514 in the pot, Frank Puglia ... drew the much-coveted 3 of Diamonds! Congratulations, Frank! Try not to spend it all in one place.


President Dodi Doolittle said we'll schedule our visioning session around the beginning of the new year. We'll plan for later in the day on a Thursday.


Dodi said our Assistant District Gov. Gordon Nedom will visit in November, but not to provide the program.


District. Gov. Nancy Cassel sent us a letter saying they've decided to rescind the application fee to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy camp in Prescott), which could be a burden to some students. Instead they're asking for sponsorships. Frank suggested we ask the district to send someone to present us a program on RYLA.


We talked some more about our December holiday party, including the possibilities of having it at the Windmill or having Elks prime rib. We plan on having a wine exchange.




Mark Cowling led us in the Rotary grace. Past President Anita VanWagoner called our 11-7-13 meeting to order and we said the pledge of allegiance.


GUESTS: There may have been more of them than us. Shawn Gibson was back for her last few moments as a guest before being inducted into our club. We also had our student of the month, Gavin Wood, Principal Thad Gates and basketball coach David Silvas.

Bonnie Palmer was here from the Coolidge club and also provided our program.

There was also Larry Celaya, guest of Anita.

Vicki Kilvinger was here as a guest of Dodi Freeman, it was also her first reading for membership.

Our winter members Kent Milroy and Dona Kobayashi were back, along with Iris Schickler.


FINES, etc. — Sgt.-at-Arms Eddie Ortega collected fines and happy bucks. Mark won the big scratcher ticket (which was a dud). In a brand new game, with 52 cards and $50 in the pot, Kent drew the Jack of Spades. The new card we're after is the Queen of Hearts.


STUDENT OF THE MONTH — Florence High School senior Gavin Wood is a basketball player, who also played football his freshman and sophomore years and played baseball for three years.

Colleges are currently recruiting him for basketball. He has a 3.1 grade-point average at FHS and enjoys the community and the small-town feeling. Anita presented him with his certificate as our student of the month.


It's Andy Brumbaugh's sixth anniversary in our club and Dodi Doolittle's 19th.


For wedding anniversaries, Dona and her husband had 43 years together yesterday and Jennifer Nathaniel and her husband were to celebrate 18 years together over the weekend.


NEW MEMBER — Shawn was inducted as our newest member. She and her husband own Crown Point Property Service. They've been foster parents and just adopted a daughter. Shawn said they're all about giving back to the community, and Rotary's philosophy mirrors what they stand for.


PROGRAM: Anita introduced Bonnie Palmer, who is immediate past president of the Coolidge club and also our regional membership coordinator. She spoke to us about membership.


She joined Rotary in 1990, just a few years after women were first allowed into Rotary. The Coolidge club lost a lot of men when women joined. Today, Rotary International is concerned about the club adapting and adjusting to today's world. Corporations sometimes want "representation" at clubs, with different people attending for the corporation from week to week. But Rotary clubs are built around personal relationships.


Bonnie said we want to recruit people who are committed to our values, and make Rotary applicable to young people coming up. "We need to find ways to recruit and make our club  meaningful to all ages and ethnicities ... and always maintain our integrity."


But the job isn't over when we get someone to join. "People are brought in and sit there — because no one put them on a committee and got them involved."


Rotary can join with others to get good work done. She said the Coolidge club recently participated in "Make a Difference Day," and the idea came from young people.


As Rotary's regional membership coordinator, Bonnie said she is "a cheerleader for Rotary and your membership chair (which in our club is Linda Toogood)." The club must be made relevant and attractive to the community. Bonnie suggested we look at our membership list and see what jobs and businesses are unrepresented. She noted that Rotary was founded on the principle of valuing every single occupation and giving them an opportunity to serve.


We recited the Four-Way Test before adjourning the meeting.