The Broomfield World Service Community committee, Jerry Miller, John O'Hayre and Joe Mazzola recognized that there was a need to expand north area Rotary Clubs' participation in World Clean Water Projects. Broomfield Evening Rotary Club World Service Committee invited its north area Rotary Club neighbors to join them in a study club to learn the application process and so develop a better understanding of the Rotary International Matching Grants availability. Of the 10 clubs invited, seven clubs became study club participants.

The Broomfield World Committee hoped to help eliminate the fear of assembling a grant application by walking study club attendees through the grant application. Attendees were shown how to make certain all the forms are correctly filled out, complete with the multiple signatures necessary, and placed in the right order. It was emphasized that making sure all district officers approve and sign the required documents is most important; as is filing the grant application on time.

Together, the group worked to assemble a complete note book providing examples of completed application forms, budgets and electronic communication addresses for Rotary International Project Offices. The note book includes examples of e-mail messages with participating Rotary club members, RI Rotarians and District Rotarians who will help when needed. A step-by-step walk through the materials allowed participants to experience the process with knowledgeable Rotarians available to answer questions.

In March,2010,the Broomfield Rotary Club World Service Committee canvassed north area Rotary Clubs asking them to participate with funding for two DR Projects. The Northglenn/Thornton and Brighton Early Club agreed to participate as funding sponsors for the DR La Descubierta Water Project. Broomfield Evening Rotary Club was joined by the California Menifee Rotary club to fund the DR Los Uveros project. Project managing Clubs are: Broomfield, the Los Uveros Project, and Brighton Early Rotary Club, the La Descubierta Project

Joining in projects with other area Rotary Clubs can be fun and educational. This kind of Rotary networking results in great friendships and connections that help get the work completed successfully. The study club has been a great experience and we all learned as we went along. More Rotary Clubs became involved in World Community Service as a net result of the study club work; helping more Rotary Club members join in building bridges to the rest of the world by building one healthy community after another where need exists.