During the month of March, 2011, the Broomfield Evening Rotary Club Charitable Foundation contributed to the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation's "Walk for Life" program, Children's Hospital Foundation and the Broomfield Community Foundation. Each of these donations will provide children and families with resources vital to improvement of their quality of life. Contributions totaled $27,500.00.

The Broomfield Evening Rotary Club membership, through its Charitable Foundation, made a $4,000.00 donation to the Prosthetic Outreach Foundation Prosthetics Outreach's "Walk for life" program. This is an International Rotary Project that provides medical care to children in Bangladesh, born with club feet, a severe limb deformity. It is estimated that 5,000.00 children in Bangladesh are born each year with club feet. An average of $200.00 per child will correct these limb deformities for those who would otherwise be disabled for life. Early medical treatment is critical for any new born child with club feet, and, in a majority of cases, restores normal mobility allowing a normal productive life. Under the supervision of the Prosthetics Foundation, 100% of all donated monies will be used to supply the latest medical treatment to assure permanent correction, or, to provide medical prosthetic devices for those with unusually difficult cases.

The Children's Hospital Foundation exists to ensure the fulfillment of the Hospital Mission by: "seeking and receiving donations for patient care research, offering educational programs and funding hospital operations thereby offering patients the opportunity for a brighter and healthier future". The Broomfield Evening Rotary Charitable Foundation donated $2,500.00 to augment an Avaya Inc. donation of audio/visual equipment, four video game controllers and two televisions. The Rotary Charitable Foundation funds will be used to add two more televisions, four Metal carts, a library of video games, and Blue-Ray movies for entertainment that will appeal to all age ranges of children. The hospital staff welcomes the contributions, because this equipment offers an excellent selection of activities as diversion for youngsters who are being treated. The Hospital will assign a staff member to provide on-site supervision of the carts, and games.

The Broomfield Charitable Foundation will donate $21,000.00 to the Broomfield Community Foundation for 501c3 charities. The funds are to be distributed at the discretion of the BCF through their normal grant cycles. A report will be provided to the BRCF at the end of each grant cycle listing the amount and the recipients.