Dr. Chris Marchioni M.D. just submitted a report on her Emerald School Wellness and Learning Program, referred to as Healthy Learning Paths.  You are encouraged to read the entire report by clicking on "Healthy Learning Paths Progress Report" under the "Downloads", in the column to the right.
Our club's Foundation contributed $6000 to Healthy Learning Paths to help develop, deliver, and assess a program for educating preschool students, teachers and parents in the importance of nutrition, healthy eating habits, exercise, and adequate sleep.  This program, like Rotary, is committed to investing in the success of children by improving health, learning strategies, creating supportive families and successful children for a stronger future.  It is clear from Dr. Marchioni's report that our funds have been well invested.  Healthy Learning Paths has been selected for our paddle raiser at this year's Odyssey Charity Benefit, so you are encourage to educate yourself on this program which we hope to expand to impact more children and their families.