Broomfield Rotarians can play an important leadership role in promoting healthy eating and active lifestyles by supporting the Broomfield's "Get Fit, Stay Fit" Program. 
Dear Rotarians:
I encourage Broomfield Rotarians and  their families to participate in the "Get Fit,Stay Fit" Program.
Rotary, both internationally and locally, believes, that by  working together and adopting healthy life styles, communities increase the physical and mental well-being of its citizens. It is important that we adopt the  policies, and the social environment,  that will promote the reduction of obesity and   related diseases.
Please review the material below....and lets get fit!
Sincerely yours,
Joe Mazzola

Get Fit, Stay Fit

Community Challenge

FREE Eight Week Community Challenge

September 29 - November 22

Get rolling with healthy choices before those holidays attack!

Join us in this community wide challenge to get fit and stay fit as either an

individual participant or gather your friends and neighbors and join in as

a team! Weigh-ins and body fat testing will be available to keep you on

track as you end 2008 with a health kick!

Activities, Presentations, & PRIZES

Group & Individual Exercise Opportunities

Sponsored Days at the Rec.

Assess Your Homes Health

Portion Distortion and Energy Expenditure

Anthem Turkey Day 5k & Celebration

Registration accepted until September 24, 2008