Flower Power is February 24th.  Come and join in the fun!

Please sign up to gather the flowering plants from the Home and Garden Show, February 24th at the close of the Show. We have room for all interested Rotarians and their families. We can enter the Home and Garden Show, for free, Sunday mid-afternoon and then stay until the end of the show and help collect the flowering plants after the show closes. Please plan to be at the show no later than 5:30.  We will meet and receive instructions at one of the training areas, located at the back of the arena.  We will work with other Rotary volunteers, Rotary Interact Club members, and a couple of Boy Scout Troops to collect and box the flowering plants. They will then be loaded into a semi-trailer and stored in the Colorado Convention Center, site of the Home and Garden Show, until the next morning when John O'Hayre and Gerry Case will go to downtown Denver in a donated Barber's Turkey truck and get the 250 flowering plants that we have spoken for. The flowers will be brought to Broomfield for distribution. If you would like to sign up to help with the gathering of the flowers, please sign up on the Rotary Home page under, under "Flower Power Sign-up".

Also, please sign up if you'd like to help with the distribution of the flowering plants on Monday, February 25th in the Broomfield area. The blooming flowers will be distributed to Mariel Manor, Salvation Army's Silver Crest, Broomfield Skilled Nursing Center, and the Senior Center and Meals on Wheels. Jerry Miller will break you up into four teams when we meet at 8:30 at McDonalds at 120th and Sheridan and each team will go to one of the above facilities for the distribution (at Mariel Manor and Broomfield Skilled Nursing we will take the flowers door to door, and at Silver Crest and the Senior Center we will be taking them to a central, common area for bulk distribution. If you'd like to help with the distribution, please sign up here: (20 or so slots here, too).


If you have any questions, please contact Gerry Case at (303) 618-0104 or Jerry Miller at (303) 870-4342.