On Saturday, June 5th, 2010, more than 450 people gathered for the fourth annual Children's Wellness Event at the Anthem Highlands Parkside Community Center located at 3624 Parkside Center Drive in Broomfield.
The event location was determined by the City and County of Broomfield. This was the second year Children's Wellness partnered with the Broomfield Trail Adventure to create a multigenerational family event for the Broomfield community that promotes children's wellness through educational programs in healthy nutrition, exercise, safety, and a healthy environment. In short, our community rallied for the health of our children.

The day began with a walk and bike ride featuring new trails in the Anthem area. Outdoor educational displays included ten City and County Broomfield services represented along with local experts in kids' health and safety such as the University of Colorado Hospital Burn Center and Safe Kids Ride This Way bike safety program. HeartSmartKids with the help of volunteer medical professionals provided nutrition and exercise education and the Colorado Marrow Donor Program joined Bonfils to recruit donors.

After the walk, indoor programs provided by Healthy Learning Paths, the University of Colorado Hospital Burn Center, local artists, Counseling & Wellness, LLC, CU Science Discovery, DaVinci Center, and the Boulder County Public Health Department covered a variety of health topics.

A total of 179 adults and children contacts were recorded for the indoor educational programs with the Breakfast by Healthy Learning Paths and the Kids Safety and Burn Prevention Puppet Show by the University of Colorado Hospital Burn Unit being the most popular. We received 94 art entries from the following 6 schools: (1) Emerald, (2) Kohl, (3) The Studio School, (4) Kiddie Academy, (5) The Goddard School of Broomfield, and (6) home school. We received 25 essays from Mountain View Elementary, Kohl School, The Studio School, Broomfield Heights Middle School, The Academy of Charter School, and Eldorado K-8 School. There were a total of ten Broomfield preschools and schools that participated in the contest. Three community members received awards for their outstanding service in promoting children's wellness.

Principal Larry Leatherman from Emerald received the Children's Wellness Faith in Humanity Award for his endless support in promoting children's health and partnering with community organizations at Emerald School. Richard Ortner of Channel 7 News received the Children's Wellness Courage Award for his courage in spreading the word on behalf of a Broomfield child, Amanda Peebles who was in need of a bone marrow match,and, Jeff Dorrell from North Metro Fire Rescue received the Children's Wellness Vision Award for his widespread work in safety education for children throughout our community.

The business community supported the event with in-kind donations There were about 45 community volunteers who helped plan and deliver the event. Volunteers included the 15 member Children's Wellness Planning Committee, Broomfield Rotarians, Broomfield families, medical students from the University of Colorado Medical School Denver, medical professionals from Healthy Learning Paths, medical professionals who live or serve Broomfield, North Metro Fire Rescue, and local business professionals. Volunteers from Broomfield Open Space Foundation, a local Boy Scout troop, and City Council members also helped man the walk and bike trail. Some of the most important successes are that families ventured outside to enjoy exercise and learn about healthy habits. Participation in the Kids' Wellness Art & Essay Contest from ten Broomfield schools and preschools was also a success. As one individual explained when asked what part of the program was most beneficial, "Knowing the community motivates children for healthy lifestyles." When asked what actions individuals will take as a result of this program, many wrote comments along this line, "Walk more and eat more nutritious food. A glorious day was had by all, but the children and their families participants were the big winners. Planning in already underway for the 2011 Wellness Event. See you all next year.