Bob Davis, President of the Broomfield Evening Rotary Club and, Broomfield Police Chief Tom Deland, a Rotarian presenting a check for $6,500.00 to Pat Soderberg, Director of Finance, City and County of Broomfield. The funds will be used for maintenance of the Broomfield 9/11 Memorial. A brass Rotary plaque will be affixed to the Memorial with the inscribed words "Honoring the Lost....But Never Forgotten."
The Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation Hosts "Honoring our Heroes"

On September 11, 2010, the Broomfield Evening Rotary Club honored the 9/11 First Responders, the over three thousand Public Safety personnel and innocent civilians who died in the horrific attack on our Country, September 11th 2001, and the brave American Military men and women serving in our Armed forces, by hosting a red, white, and blue party at Anderson Farms in Erie. Attendees were welcomed to the event by driving through a flag lined road to the farm entrance.

The horrific 2001 attack will be remembered by the entire world as a cowardly attack on a civilian population. In memory of its victims, Broomfield Rotary Club and its Foundation has placed a plaque at Broomfield's 9-11 Memorial site with the words "Honoring The Lost But Never Forgotten" to describe these men and women heroes. Veterans of World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, the Gulf War, and the continuing Iraq and Afghanistan wars were also represented at the event by active and retired military personnel from Broomfield and the Denver Metro Area.

The event was attended by approximately four hundred participants who took part in a pit roasted pig barbeque, with good ole' cookies and ice cream provided as a homey dessert for this down home event.

The WWII music group Reville3 added a nostalgic swing to the evening by singing many of sentimental songs the Andrews sisters sang when they entertained the troops stationed at United States training camps, overseas on stages thrown together for the event, USO entertainment sites, and military hospitals. The performance brought back personal memories for veterans and active duty personnel in attendance.

The Hot Tomatoes Dance Orchestra provided dance music that set toes to tapping and swing dancers on to the dance floor. The agility of dancers of all ages surprised everyone; and, as the music tempo increased, the past came alive in the form of hot jitterbug dancing couples twirling with unsuspected athleticism to the amazement of, and fun for, all.

Chief Sponsor of the event was ARC Thrift Stores joined by major donors: Sill-TerHar Motors, The Stratford at Flatirons, The Broomfield Enterprise, C.B.& Potts Restaurants, Rock Bottom Brewery, Higgy's Ice Cream and the Broomfield Sign Company.

Approximately twenty thousand dollars was raised to be shared by the Broomfield Veterans Museum, the City and County of Broomfield's 9/11 Memorial (maintenance fund), and the Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation.

In addition in 2010, The Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation and the Evening Rotary Club donated to the following local needy groups: $2000.00 to the True Life Church to provide food, clothing and personal supplies to 154 homeless children during this 2010 holiday season; Broomfield Police Toys for Tots; $3000 to Broomfield Senior Center Meals on Wheels program; $2000.00 to Broomfield F.I.S.H.; and internationally, $1000 to "Walk For Life Foundation", a Rotary International medical fund for children born with clubfoot deformities.

Submitted by Joseph Mazzola, on behalf of The Broomfield Evening Rotary Club and its Tax exempt 501(c)(3) Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation.