Broomfield Rotary Club has been a supporter of the FRIENDS of Broomfield organization from its inception. An education/social development program for developmentally challenged adults. FRIENDS has been a blessing to those who, until FRIENDS began, had few, if any, opportunities to learn even basic living skills and develop social skills.
In 2009, FRIENDS of Broomfield met with Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation to discuss their proposed permanent building that would include an Academic/Computer Lab. The land site had been donated by a Broomfield benefactor and, now, money to build had to be raised. After many years of temporary housing, FRIENDS would finally have school that will serve all the needs of their clients. The end result of the joint meeting was that the BRCF would fund the furnishing and technical equipment necessary to optimize the learning environment….hence the name Academic / Computer room
This new facility with its Academic/Computer Lab will provide opportunities for students to experience innovative educational activities, develop daily living skills for independence, and grow socially and emotionally. Learning how to use today's computer technology will allow advanced students to focus on developing work skills, preparing a resume and the process of applying for a job. The design of the facility and its grounds will provide mentally and physically challenged adults an outdoor area where they can move about safely and more easily. Included will be a landscaped area for exercise, recreation, gardening, meditation and relaxation.
It is noteworthy that, particularly in the Broomfield/Boulder area, there are limited options for men and women with intellectual disabilities to obtain services and support. Many disabled adults today are currently on the Medicaid wait list, as there are an increasing number of people diagnosed with developmental deficits.
With the long held dream of building a permanent FRIENDS school now approaching reality, Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation voted to fund the Academic/Computer Lab at a cost estimated to be over $37,000.00. During the planning period, the Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation would raise $28,000.00 with the balance of the fund coming from a District 5450 matching grant which included contributions from the Broomfield Rotary, Denver and Westminster Rotary clubs, totaling.
In July 2013, District 5450 approved the matching grant for $10,000 to be added to the FRIENDS Academic/ Computer Lab fund. A final total budget of $37,870.00 was established to fund the special equipment: 13 adaptive computers and related technology, software, printers, furnishings and other educational materials to be housed in the Academic/ Computer Lab in the new FRIENDS Broomfield Campus center on Saulsbury Street.
The initial contribution by BRCF together with the monies donated by from the Rotary District 5450 Grant completed the necessary FRIENDS' project funding. Originally, a three year period was set for raising the money needed for the Academic/Computer Lab. Forming these valuable funding partnerships allowed Broomfield Rotary to present FRIENDS with all of the money needed for the computer lab in less than two years.
On Sept 6, 2013, Tom Deland, president of the Broomfield Rotary Club, and John O' Hayre, president of the Broomfield Rotary charitable Foundation presented a check for $37,870.00  to Gina Coufal executive director of FRIENDS of Broomfield, This check represented the Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation's total contribution dedicated to furnishing the FRIENDS Academic/ Computer Lab.
Gina Coufal, Executive Director of FRIENDS, will continue to keep Broomfield Rotary members in the loop while she and her staff work to make the new academic/ computer room the best facility of its kind in the Broomfield/Boulder area. As dedicated community facilitators, FRIENDS of Broomfield is expected to continue to expand and sustain the academic programs used by FRIENDS. FRIENDS and its supporters look forward to the day when programs such as those offered by FRIENDS, and provided by health care professionals, teachers, and volunteers, will be available to all those whose lives can be improved and enriched by adaptive education and social interaction in a safe setting.
The Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation place a plaque at the entrance to the computer room acknowledging the Club's contribution.