Broomfield Rotary becomes web enabled!


Our Rotary Board of Directors has authorized the purchase of special software to facilitate our communication with each other and to keep better club records as we move forward as a full-fledged 501C(3) charitable organization.  We have contracted for the use of ClubRunner, a database-backed membership communication tool, designed specifically for Rotary Clubs like ours. It will be accessible to all club members.  It will allow you to communicate much more effectively, as well as save you valuable time in getting the information that you need. It will support on-line registrations for events and volunteer activities, automatic email services, and an on-line News Letter.  Our News Letter will continue to be brought to you by our outstanding team of Vic Boccard and Carl Sauerland.  We will be able to promote our club's activities and community service projects on our web site. You will be able to log into the web site and access member's only information (not available to the public).  You will be able to consult our Membership Directory, update your own membership information, send an E-mail to another Rotarian or to a distribution list of Rotarians......or review the specifics of that event, for which you volunteered. 

You will not need special software installed on your personal computer.  If you have internet access and a web will be able to reach and interact with our web site.  You will be able to access membership services by logging in as a member.  To get your Login Name and Password mailed to you(CLICK HERE). Your Login Name and Password should arrive at your personal Email Inbox within minutes.  Now, you can return to this web page and login by clicking on the "Login" menu item in the top banner menu.  Don't forget to save your Login Name and Password in a safe place.

Membership Services can be access via the "Admin" menu item on the top banner menu (only visible after login).  From Membership Services you will be able to.....

  • Edit your Personal Membership Profile
  • Change your password
  • Enter the Names of your friends (allowing them to receive Monthly Newsletters and Event Information)
  • View the most recent News Letter (alternatively called a bulletin)
  • View the Club Directory or Photo Directory on-line
  • Print a copy of the Photo Directory
  • Email other Rotarians or Friends from the Rotarian Directory
  • View Club Documents (By-Laws, Budget, Meeting Minutes, etc.)

Larry Haas has agreed to lead the development of our first web site and to provide technical assistance in the upcoming year.  He will provide basic training in the navegation of the web site at an upcoming club meeting (so save up your questions!).  In the mean time, please explore the web site and let Larry know what you find useful, what is missing, what you find confusing and how we might improve the web page from your perspective.