On November 23, 2011, A Happy Thanksgiving celebration took place at Kearney Middle School in Commerce City, Colorado 

Sponsors of the event were Adams County School District 14, and several area churches including True Life Church, and Crossroads Church.  The celebration started at approximately 5:00 p.m.with the last meal served after 8: 00 p.m.


Twenty Broomfield Evening Rotary Club members and their families joined State Farm Life Group, and Cornerstone Orthopedic, city council members and a host of other community organizations who helped to provide 300 volunteers for this celebration. Approximately 1,100 adults and children were brought together as a community to share a bountiful thanksgiving dinner of turkey, stuffing, gravy, berries, hot rolls, and drinks. Of course, the popular ice cream and pumpkin pie dessert was welcomed as a special finish to dinner.  Gathering with families and friends, old and new, provided opportunities to make lasting memories as stories and prayers were shared.  


 After the dinner, each child received personal gifts including dental hygiene kits, bath soap, shampoo, and deodorant, as well as toys.  Many families shared raffle prizes of gift cards.


Many families are suffering the effects of present economic problems.  There is no way to provide the Thanksgiving feast most of us see as vital to this traditional celebration.  For families who are homeless, the need is even greater. This community gathering brought comfort and joy to those who were served, and those who volunteered to help their neighbors.  The real meaning of Thanksgiving was truly represented.  


All of the food was donated or bought with donated money.  Organizers of

this year’s event are planning to make this A Happy Thanksgiving dinner an

annual tradition.   Watch for an announcement next year. Join your

neighbors and friends in a special dinner that will fills the tummy and warms the heart.


***********************The following letter is reprinted from Susan Chandler, Superitendant of Adams 14 Schools****************

December 20, 201 I

Broomfield Rotary P.O. Box 332 Broomfield, CO 80038

Dear Broomfield Rotary Members:

Adams County School District 14 (Adams 14) works hard each day to inspire, educate and empower every student for success in the 21st Century.

However, we certainly have a number of variables and hurdles in our path to increasing student achievement Districtwide. Our students face a number of challenges, including:

        Eligibility for free and reduced lunch includes 83 percent of students;        There is a 32 percent mobility rate amongst students;        More than 10 percent of students in the District are classified as homeless.


Commerce City is an industrialized, working-class community that often struggles to obtain basic necessities. Because of the excessive variables and obstacles our students face, we rely heavily on community partnerships that bring much needed, supplemental services to our students and their families.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity and kindness we experienced at the Adams 14 Thanksgiving celebration on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Your commitment to helping those in need truly made the day an absolute success! We were thrilled with the turnout and estimate that we served roughly 1,100 people in need in Adams 14! Thank you for supporting our families who otherwise wouldn't have had such a special Thanksgiving meal and celebration.

We can't thank you enough for your ongoing support of our students and families. Please know how much your work and generosity is appreciated by our families, our Board of Education and the entire District!



Susan Chandler, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools