Broomfield Rotary Club member Dr. Jim Barber (left) delivers flowering plants to Maryel Manor recipients as part of Rotary’s Flower Power program. 

At the conclusion of the Colorado Garden and Home show many Denver Area Rotary Clubs came together and with the help of several Boy Scout Troops, gathered all of the flowering plants that were in good shape.  The purpose of this effort was to place these flowers in the hands of Seniors throughout the greater Denver area.  This year 8020 flowers were gathered and distributed …creating 8020 huge, happy smiles. 


In Broomfield, the Evening Rotary Club distributed 288 plants to the residents of Maryel Manor, Salvation Army’s Silver Crest, the Broomfield Skilled Nursing Facility, the Broomfield Senior Center, and Meals-on-Wheels.  Transportation of the flowers was accomplished in a Barber’s Poultry truck. 


The Rotary Club is looking for more sites that would be interested in receiving flowers for seniors next year at the conclusion of the Colorado Garden and Home Show.  If you know of such a place, please contact Gerry Case, Rotarian, at (303) 618-0104.