Oakland's College Preparatory School sent Junior Chloe Peterson-Cochrane of  Walnut Creek on an all expense paid trip to Fukuoka, Japan at the end of March.  The trip sponsored by Oakland Rotary #3, The Fukuoka Rotary Club and Japan Airlines.  Ms. Peterson-Cochrane has studied the Japanese language for three years and is now conversant.  She was selected by her teacher, Ms. Atsuko Morse, as the outstanding candidate for the seven day exchange.

During this trip Chloe visited Fukuoka's historic sites and gave a three-minute speech in Japanese to the Fukuoka Rotary Club.  She lived with two different families and experienced Japanese home life.  Chloe told her parents that she was nervous, being unsure of the quality of her spoken Japanese.
On February 28th Chloe had another opportunity to make Oakland Rotary proud and show off her Japanese language skills at the 100thAnniversary Centennial celebration of Oakland Rotary attended by the President of the Fukuoka Club. Chloe talked with him during the gala ball held Berkeley's Claremont Hotel. Chloe's father proudly reported that the Japanese visitor's jaw dropped when he heard such fine Japanese spoken to him by a sixteen-year-old American student. 

In the Summer of 2009 the Fukuoka Rotary Club will send a Japanese student to visit Oakland.  The student they select has received the highest scores in spoken English during a long contest between students of English.  The incoming student will be hosted by Chloe's family. This exchange program has been in existence for approximately thirty-four years.  Many of the students who participate develop into leaders in their own country.
Over 200 Rotarians and guests attended the Centennial Celebration.  Most prominent among the guests was D.K. Lee, the president of Rotary International and his wife.  D. K. Lee is a Korean businessman. Other foreign dignitaries were Keiji Mizuguchi, Hisa Nakamuta, Dr. Bunei Andou, Yoshiru Fukuyama, Kunihiro Fujii, Shuzo Mizushima, Nicholas Sudre and Yoshimori Nakajima, all from the Fukuoka Japan Rotary Club, which is Oakland Rotary's sister club.Japan Airlines provided transportation for our Japanese guests. 
Our foreign dignitaries were given a tour of the Oakland Club's good works in the East Bay, among the highlights being the multi-million dollar Barrier Free Park in the Redwood Regional Park, which provides a safe playground for handicapped children.
Proudly known as "Oakland Rotary #3", the Rotary Club of Oakland is the third oldest club, founded in June of 1909.  The Rotary concept of fellowship and good works promotes an atmosphere that fosters strong personal ties and business relationships.  The concept quickly spread around the world.  There are now over 32,000 clubs in 200 countries.  New clubs are being opened in Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan, The People's Republic of China, and Russia.  The first Russian club was formed in 1990 and now there are 97 Rotary Clubs in Russia.
In 2008 Rotary International expended more than half its funds toward eradication of polio worldwide. The polio eradication program has been in existence for over ten years and is the largest non-governmental health program ever attempted.  Rotary also sponsors student exchanges with over 20,000 exchanges occurring every year.  For graduate students it maintains an Ambassadorial Scholarship program that has provided $504,000,000 in scholarships to over 37,000 graduate students from 115 countries.
Please see Photo #1 (Left to right): Mr. Andy Dean (Dean of Students - CPS); Ms. Atsuko Morse (Japanese language instructor - CPS); Ms. Chloe Peterson-Cochrane ; Mr. Peter Turner (Oakland Rotary #3 exchange representative); and Photo #2 (Left to right): Ms. Atsuko Morse (Japanese language instructor - CPS); Mr. Peter Turner (Oakland Rotary #3 exchange representative); Ms. Chloe Peterson-Cochrane; Mr. Andy Dean (Dean of Students - CPS)