The Karl F. Stucki World Community Service (WCS) Committee works with other Rotary Clubs, foundations and NGOs in developing countries in the planning, financing and implementation of community service projects designed to improve the health and welfare of the intended beneficiaries.  Committee members present projects to the Committee for funding consideration and assume responsibility to oversee and coordinate the implementation of funded projects and to report the results of these activities to the Committee.  In addition, Committee members have the opportunity to visit project communities and international project fairs held in various places each year.  Projects are either funded directly with Oakland Rotary Endowment (ORE)  funds allocated to the WCS by the ORE Trustees or ORE funds are used as a match for District Designated funds ( DDF) and funds provided by the Rotary Foundation to finance Global Grants under the provisions of the Rotary Future Vision Program. You may download a copy of our Mission Statement and FY 2012-13 Business Plan (see the Downloads section of this webpage). 

Go to Photo Albums section of this page to view pictures of the multi Rotary Club relief project to assist those affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Projects Funded by the World Community Service Committee in FY 2012-13

Funds available $15,636 (inc. $636 reallocated from 2011-12) Amount Approved $15,636

$1000 Cambodia Halo Trust – Land mine removal (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Ed Jellen)
$ 535 Bhutan – school uniforms  (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Gale Uilkema)
$700 Chile Coaniquim Burn Center – partial sponsorship of a child (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Luise Roke)
$500 Northern Rwanda Bathhouse project with BendOR Rotary and Sparks Micro Grants (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Peter Sherris)
$1,070 Angola - Mine Removal equipment and boots (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Gale Uilkema)
$4,500 Ethiopia SIGN Instrument kits (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Tom Schmitz)
$6,668 Developing Salvadoran Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Aftercare Program (cash match for Global Grant) (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Keith Giron)
$663 Jordan Syrian Refugee Camp-  Sanitary kits for refugees (WSC Sponsor/Coordinator Gail Uilkema)

Projects Funded by the World Community Service Committee in FY 2011-12  
Funds available $16, 607 - Approved $16,607

$1,000 Land Mine Removal Halo Foundation – Cambodia (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Ed Jellen)
$700 Coaniquem Burn Treatment – Chile (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Luise Roke)
$1,000 Faces of Hope 2012 – Guatemala (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Gudrun Dybdal)
$1,000 Malaria Reduction – Zambia (WSC Sponsor/Coordinator Bob Barth)
$500 Multi-Tool – Somalia (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Gail Uilkema)
$1,625 Malwa Youth Community Center – Uganda (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Bob Barth)
$1,000 Gift of Life/Latidos de Esperanza – El Salvador (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Keith Giron)
$1,100 Hand Pumped Wells – Cambodia (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Gail Uilkema)
$1,500 Cominando con Ninos – Honduras (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator John Weaver)
$636 School Roof Repair Materials El Salvador (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Karen Friedman)
$6,546 Tigray Ethiopia Family Planning Project Ethiopia (WCS Sponsor/Coordinator Peter Sherris)  Cash Match for Global Grant

Projects Funded by the World Community Service Committee in FY 2010-11 
Budget $15,000; Approved $15,000

$ 1,000 Medical Supplies for Children in Gaza 
$ 1,000 Halo Land Mine Removal in Cambodia 
$ 1,000 Faces of Hope 2011 in Guatemala 
$ 500 Jai Lao Foundation in Laos 
$ 500 Supplemental funding for Sacred Heart Primary School - Belize
$ 1,500 Rain Water Collection - Buyangu Parish, Maragoli - Keyna
$ 8,000 as Match for 2011-2012 Global Grant - Matibabu Rotary Kenya Water/Sanitation 
$ 400 Bicycle Purchase in Laos 
$ 400 Hand Water Pump Purchase in Cambodia 
$700 Coaniquem Burn Treatment – Chile 

Please read the descriptions projects funded in (2011-12) and in previous fiscal years by clicking on the project in the left corner of this page.