Welcome to the Community Service Committee

Mission - Invitation

The mission of the Rotary Community Service Committee is to support nonprofit organizations that provide direct services to improve the quality of life of those who live in the Oakland Community. The Rotary Club of Oakland has been active in community service since it’s first project in 1909.

Community Service is realized through: (1) making financial grants in response to needs defined by the community in grant applications,  (2) hands-on work projects, (3) fundraising to Feed the Hungry, (4) providing non-financial support to select Oakland based nonprofit charitable organizations, and (5) collaboration with other community service minded organizations.

The Community Service Committee is responsible for reviewing the grant applications and deciding whether to forward the application to the Boards of the Oakland Rotary Club and the Oakland Rotary Endowment for approval and funding.

The financial grants program provides a unique window into the needs of the Oakland Community and the nonprofit organizations that response to the needs. You will have a part in deciding which organizations and projects to fund. You will become acquainted first hand with at least a dozen nonprofit service providers a year via evaluation of financial grant applications and possible on-site visits. If you like hands-on projects, there are several each year.

If you are looking for meaningful engagement in Rotary, the Community Service Committee provides just the right opportunity for “Service above Self” and friendships with like-minded Rotarians.


The Community Service Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month except July at the Rotary Club Office Conference Room 12:15PM to 1:15PM. The Committee may be contacted by email to the Rotary Club office pat@oakland-rotary.org.

Committee Members as of JULY 1, 2016

The Committee welcomes inquiries, visits to meetings to become acquainted with the CSC activity, and new members who are motivated to improve and give back to the Oakland community.  

Kimberly Cohn, Co-Chair

CJ Hirschfield, Co-Chair

Stevan Alvarado

Bob Barth - ORC Board Liason

Stephanie Bolden

Paul Cummings

Rosemary S. Darden

Margo Dunlap

Merlin Edwards

Karen T. Lee

Joycie Mack

David Mears

R. Gordon Piper

Marianne B. Robison

William Vederman

Linda Bossenecker, President Rotary Club of Oakland #3 Rotary Year 2016-2017

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