About Community and Economic Development
With over 350 active members, the Rotary Club of Oakland is the largest service group in Oakland and the third oldest rotary club in the world.
Each year, Oakland Rotary engages in a wide variety of projects that benefit the community. Many committees are aspirational in design, and rewards all those who engage.
Our Community Economic Development team has been inspired with the prospect of being able to identify and produce job opportunities for formerly incarcerated Ceasefire clients. By focusing on both public safety, and local small businesses, we are positioning ourselves in a unique and critical supporting role in the revitalization of Oakland.   
Please come and share your love for Oakland, by bringing your ideas, your passion and personal perspective. Learn how you can participate in this creative public private partnership.
CED will meet on the third Wednesday’s of each month at 5:30, just off the lake, in the
Ordway Building, One Kaiser Plaza Oakland, CA 94612, in the second floor conference room
What is the Committee Focus - 2015/2016

Hiring Our Clients …..

What is Ceasefire Oakland?

Ceasefire Oakland is based on a nationally-recognized, proven strategy and driven by a local community-police partnership that includes clergy, service providers, and multiple law enforcement agencies. The partnership uses data to understand who is at highest risk of violence with the goals of preventing gang/group-related shootings and homicides, and improving opportunities and outcomes for those at highest risk of violence.


Who are Ceasefire Oakland clients?

Risk of involvement in violence in Oakland tends to be highly concentrated among young African American and Hispanic men ages 18-34. Ceasefire Oakland clients are identified by law enforcement partners or through street outreach. Many Ceasefire clients are young men who desire to escape the life of violence and are seeking steady employment to help them do that.


What kinds of services are available to clients?

All individuals identified by the Ceasefire Oakland partnership are offered support services through Oakland Unite in the City’s Human Services Department (http://oaklandunite.org). Those who choose to access services are connected with Case Managers, who provide intensive support and referrals to resources, including: job readiness/skills training and employment opportunities; educational support, and ongoing mentoring and help setting and meeting goals.


How can I help as an employer?

Case Managers are always seeking new employment opportunities for Ceasefire clients. Ideal employers have immediate or ongoing job openings and are interested in working with Ceasefire participants, supported by intensive case management. There are also other ways to support Ceasefire clients – for example, clients are often in need of a range of work attire.


What types of jobs would be most helpful?

Client’s skills/strengths vary, and clients discuss skills with Case Managers prior to referring out to any employment opportunity. Clients tend to be interested in and successful in entry to mid-level positions in the following areas: Warehouse, Janitorial, Landscaping, Construction, and Production. Clients have been placed successfully with small businesses like dog grooming, fitness training, and with local restaurants.


How are clients prepared for employment?

In addition to direct work with individual Case Managers around job readiness, clients have access to the Oakland Unite-funded programs that offer soft skills workshops and other job preparation assistance, conflict mediation training, and skill-building opportunities.


What City support can employers expect during the process and after hiring?

Oakland Unite Case Managers work with each employer to develop a streamlined referral protocol. Case Managers also work closely with clients and employers to ensure success on the job and help address any challenges that arise.

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