Posted by CKochendorfer on Jul 18, 2017
 At PETS, District Governor Harry Kieling presented a project he wanted to do as a District - Garbage Bag Kids (renamed “Rotary Cares for Kids”).  After the presentation, President-Elects pledged their clubs support for the Rotary Cares for Kids program to help us receive a matching District Grant.   We received pledges of over $25,000 from the clubs!  The District awarded an $18,000 grant!  It’s awesome that we can all come together to support a District wide project.  But now the real work is underway.  A District Committee has been formed and work has begun to put together a pilot program.  Attached is a letter to share with your clubs to introduce them to the project.
As we are working to get this project underway, we are asking that all clubs send a check for the amount your club pledged to Rotary 5010 Cares for Kids at the address below, by July 25.  Your promptness in this is much appreciated as we will be purchasing the backpacks, duffle bags and other items in the next few weeks.
It is important that we keep the project on the minds of our members, so a PR campaign is in the works.  Please help us spread the word by sharing posts to your club page that are posted to the District 5010 Facebook page as well as making announcements at club meetings and in club newsletters/bulletins and emails. To help build awareness and to provide more details on the project, a presentation has been created.  Please contact Teri Seward at to arrange for a presentation to be done for your club. 
It is crucial that we all work together.  To create a sustainable project, we are asking clubs to assign a member to be a point of contact for this project.  For those clubs with a larger membership base, we ask that you consider creating a committee.  Please email the contact info to Stacie Stigar at  This project is one we hope will go on for as long as there is a need in the communities. 
Rotary 5010 Cares for Kids
c/o Anchorage Rotary Community Services
205 E Dimond Blvd, 515
Anchorage, AK  99515
Make checks out to:
Anchorage Rotary Community Services 
Memo line: Rotary Cares & club name
Together we are Making a Difference!