Posted by Kim Erickson
New member of the club?  Sporting a shiny red ribbon on your membership badge?  Well then, this article is for you!
As a new member of the Susitna Rotary Club, you are assigned a club mentor and are encouraged to become connected to Rotary by completing the following activities within the first six months of membership:
  1. Assist with a club meeting.  Perform one of the various activities involved in running weekly meetings.  These include the Pledge of Allegiance, giving the Thought for the Day, and leading members in reciting the Four Way Test at the end of the meeting. Sign up with President Cheryl Metiva.
  2. Serve as a greeter welcoming members to the meeting.
  3. Attend a Board of Directors meeting.  These are scheduled immediately following the last meeting of the club each month.
  4. Give a Classification Talk at our club.  The talk, about 3-5 minutes in length, should cover both personal and business aspects of your life.
  5. Participate in a club service activity.
  6. Attend at least one meeting at a different Rotary Club (be sure to report this as "make-up" to the club secretary, Cathy Kochendorfer).
  7. We encourage you to become a Paul Harris Sustaining Member by donating $100 per year to The Rotary Foundation.
  8. It is your responsibility to keep track of your fulfillment of the above requirements.You can do so by checking the box corresponding to the requirement you have met on the new members' program on our Susitna Rotary Website. After logging in, go to member area, and under “membership management” click on New Member Program, and there you will find your check-off sheet.
Rotary has a number of seminars and conferences that are held at both the state and national levels.  You are encouraged to attend either in person or via the closed-circuit broadcasts held locally when available.  These seminars and conferences are a great opportunity to become familiar with Rotary’s functions and programs, as well as meet Rotary members from other clubs who share your interests.
Last, but not least, have fun sitting with people other than your sponsor at club meetings.  The best way to feel a part of the club is to get to know everyone!