Posted by Kim Erickson
Do you know someone you think would make a great Rotarian?  Wondering how to go about proposing them for membership?  The process is simple:
1.  Invite them to meetings as your guest Important:  At this time, introduce them as a guest - not as a prospective member.  Your fellow Rotarians are bright enough to know that when you bring a local business associate or friend to a meeting there is potential for them to be proposed as a new member.
2.  Tell them about Rotary The website is a great resource.
3   Complete a Proposed New Member Form and turn it in to the club secretary or the club membership chair.  Be sure to include the proposed classification, contact data (including email) and any information that would be helpful when considering their application, i.e. work history, community service activities, awards, etc.
4.  Board will review the application and vote on their proposed membership.  
5.  New Member Orientation Handbook The handbook will be reviewed with the prospective member to be certain they understand the privileges and responsibilities of membership.  You can find the handbook on the right hand side of the home page of the club website under "home page download files"
6.  Announced to club The prospective new member is announced to the club and members have seven days to submit a written objection, including the reasons for the objection, to the Board.  Once the proposed member's name has been approved by the board and presented to the club you may introduce them as a prospective member at club meetings.
6.  Inducted into membership If seven days have passed with no objections, they will be inducted into membership on a mutually agreeable date.  The sponsor should obtain a brief bio on the new member that can be used to more formally introduce them to the club at their induction.
7.  Assigned a mentor The new member will be assigned a mentor --- ideally someone other than their sponsor --- to help guide them through the new member "red ribbon" requirements and make them feel at home in the club.
Refer to the Club Bylaws "Article 10 - Method of Electing Members" for a formal description of the process.