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It is with sadness in our hearts, Mark Lee, a very respected and loved Rotarian, passed away peacefully at home yesterday surrounded by his family.
Celebration of Life
Monday June 11th 4-7pm
Palmer Ice Rink

Viewing will be at Legacy Funeral Home / Wasilla Heritage Chapel Monday June 11th 11-2pm


What does it take to have a perfect Little Su Classic?  Sunshine, canoes, kayaks, life jackets, sun screen, BBQ and lots of smiles!
Everything came together last Saturday for a fun day picking up trash and enjoying the beauty of the Little Su River.  Jack Timm, with help from Kathy Kochendorfer, coordinated the outing.  Jack made the swift-flowing river safer by taking out "sweeper logs" the week before and giving direction the day of the event.  Kathy Kochendorfer arranged transportation for floaters PLUS donated and prepared 80 lbs of chick for the BBQ. 
Kelly Tothe from the Alaska Office of Boating and Safety came out to see us off and provide any needed life jackets.  The Swift Water Safety Rescue Team accompanied us again and was immediately put to work when one of the vessels swamped early in the float.  Fortunately, no one was injured and all gear was eventually recovered.
Phil Horton/Denali Refuse provided a flatbed truck to transport all the kayaks and canoes to the starting point then later hauled away the trash that was collected. 
Eddie Ezelle/Mat-Su Food Bank donated all the paper products and, with the help from the fine BBQ skills of John Mitchell, cooked all the food.
Cathy K., Claudia Buzard, and Dan Phillips provided transportation from the Houston bridge park to the starting point at 3 Bees Gravel Pit.
Cheryl and Marty Metiva made the sweep through the 3 Bees Gravel Pit to pick up the extra vehicles and signs.
Liz Standley, Lanissa Grogan, Lynn Mitchell, Trudi Mitchell, and Dan Phillips made up the rest of the shore crew.  Dan recorded the event on video.  Watch out for that drone, Lanissa!
Lisa Phillips, once again, captured the essence of the day in photos.  Click to see the full photo album.
Everyone brought a side dish to accompany the delicious BBQ chicken and, thanks to Kim Erickson (at the bequest of Evelyna), there was peach cobbler and homemade ice cream for dessert.
Jack and Kathy Timm, Phil and Claire Horton, Rob Grogan and Rich Standley, Lisa Phillips and Kim Erickson, Kelly Kochendorfer, Evelyna Kuhr, Daun Weis (Wasilla Rotary Club President-elect) and Mark, Clyde Boyer and Clyde Boyer, Jr., and several new friends that learned about the event via Facebook: Victoria and Jessica; Derek, Amanda, Theresa, and Ricky; Mark and Michelle (hope I got those all names correct).
Thanks to the generosity of Robert Hall, the two youngest (but clearly experienced) paddlers won a $250 gift certificate to Gorilla Fireworks for picking up the most trash.  Congratulations to Victoria and Jessica!
Thanks to Kathy Timm, Susitna Rotary made a loan to Suwariyah in Tangerang, Indonesia last week to build a clean water sources facility at her home to improve access to water sources for the family.
Suwariyah's story
Good day lenders! Meet one of KBMI’s clients, Suwariyah. She is 50 years old and married with four sons. Suwariyah is a housewife and she looks after her four children. Her husband has had a grocery shop in the Tangerang District for seven years. Her husband is the only breadwinner in the family. Still, their income is barely enough to provide for their basic needs. They would like to improve their living conditions and create a happy and healthy life for their children.

Suwariyah has asked for a loan of 600,000 Indonesian rupiahs (IDR) from KBMI. This loan will be used to build a clean water sources facility at her home to improve access to water sources for the family. Today her family has no access to a water source in their home and must rely on the river for bathing. Her family income is insufficient to build water sources but Suwariyah will be able to repay the loan received.

She and her family want to live a healthy life with clean water. Suwariyah is very grateful for the opportunity and wants to thank all lenders.

This loan is special because:
It helps prevent the spread of disease by providing access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Each year our District holds a "Rotary Youth Leadership Awards" event. This is a leadership training program that encourages and rewards outstanding young people who want to become better leaders. Two local high school students, Cameron Gold & Nenni Erskine, will be sharing their experiences from this year's event with the club this week.
RYLA consists of an all-expense paid two and a half-day conference that brings together a special group of young men and women from across Alaska/Yukon to share ideas about becoming better leaders. Action-packed activities, like problem solving games, challenge course, group discussions and team-building activities, help participants build confidence and leadership skills.
RYLA's intent is to encourage students to be more effective leaders. the following topics naturally arise during RYLA activities and discussions:
   * Fundamentals of leadership
   * Ethics of positive leadership
   * Importance of communication skills in
      effective leadership
   * Conflict management and problem solving
   * Rotary's purpose and service to the community
   * Building self-esteem and self-confidence
   * Elements of community and global citizenship
The Mat Su 5K was formerly the Menard Run and the Rotary Running Dead 5K. For several years people have participated in this event from around the Valley and from Anchorage. Net proceeds from the Run are used to fund scholarships for graduating high school seniors in the Mat Su.

The event is put on by the local Valley Rotary Clubs.
Thank you to Jack and Cathy Timm, Marty and Cheryl Metiva, Kelly and Cathy Kochendorfer, Dan and Lisa Phillips, Stan Mitchell, and Claudia Buzard for spending Memorial Day completing the work below on the Kids Don't Float project:
#1 at Little Su, behind Miller's Market mile 57.5 Parks Highway 
 Install the new branding Josh sign and stock life jackets
#2 at North Prator Lake near the corner of Ballyshannon Dr and Morris Rd
 Install life jacket rack and new signage and stock life jackets
#3 at Bearpaw Lake near the corner of W King Arthur Dr and White Rabbit in Houston
Install new signage and stock life jackets
#4 at South Prator lake near Castle Dr and Duke Dr in Houston
Install new signage and stock life jackets
#5 at south Lalen Lake near W Skyview Dr and Carousel Way
Install signage and life jacket rack and stock life jackets
#6 at East Lalen Lake near Alice Ann Ln and N Larry Trail
Assess the area for new life jacket kiosk
#7 at Seymour Lake near Sylvia-Denise Ave and Meadow Lakes Dr
Install new signage and stock life jackets
Susitna Rotary Club awarded Eva Venama, a former RYLA attendee and frequent volunteer for Rotary activities, a $1,000 college scholarship at last week's meeting. Congratulations, Eva!
Susitna Rotary Club was awarded the 2018 Rotary Citation for achieving goals that strengthen Rotary and the club. Goals included increasing club membership, developing sustainable service projects, giving to The Rotary Foundation (TRF), and building awareness of Rotary in our community.
Congratulations to 2017-2018 club president, Cheryl Metiva, and all club members for "Making a Difference"!
22 pots of chili, tons of cornbread, yummy cake, plenty of laughter, and music by Conway Seavey.  What more could you ask for at the first Mat-Su Valley Rotary Chili Cook-off?
Check out the photos Lisa Phillips (Wasilla Noon Rotary Club) took at the event.  Chili Cook-off Photo Album
The sun shined.  Dogs raced. Kids played. Snow mobiles explored. Bush plane flew.  Everyone ate and at the end of the day we are "this much closer" to wiping out polio.
Family and friends of all ages came out to cheer on the dogs and "high five" the mushers as they raced past on their way to Nome.  Check out Brian Pugatch's 1:44 sec video and the 2018 Iditarod Restart Party photo album for a peek at the fun (photo credit to image above goes to Lisa Phillips and the image below to Dan Phillips).  Thanks to the all the family, friends, and Rotarians from many clubs who joined in the festivities:
  • Susitna Rotary (host club)
  • Anchorage International Rotary (host club)
  • Anchorage East Rotary
  • Anchorage Rotary
  • Anchorage Russian Jack Rotary
  • Anchorage South Rotary
  • Anchorage Rotary
  • District 5010 eClub
  • Eagle River Rotary
  • Palmer Rotary
  • Wasilla Rotary
  • Wasilla Sunrise Rotary
A special shout out to:
Hosts - Tryg and Kim Erickson
Moose meat for chili - Rob and Lanissa Grogan
Snow machine rides for kids - Jack and Kathy Timm
Port-a-Potty - Robert Hall
Youth Exchange Student ShelterBox sleepover - Nancy Dodge and Carl Bostek
Water bottles - Lynn Mitchell
TONS and TONS of help -  Lance Wilber, Amanda Boger, Lisa Erickson, Brad and Erika Quade, Marty and Mara Severin, Lucas Mahi, Don Covault, Eli Brooks & Nichole
Donations are still rolling in for EndPolioNow.  If you did not have a chance earlier but would still like to donate, checks made out to The Rotary Foundation will be collected at the Rotary meeting this week or you may make a donation at any time to The Rotary Foundation.  Between online donations and money collected at the event, nearly $7,000 was raised with Anchorage International Rotary Club leading the way at $6,154 in donations!
Nearly $3,200 was raised for ShelterBoxUSA by five of the Rotary Youth Exchange students who slept in a ShelterBox tent last Saturday night in Willow ahead of the Iditarod Restart Party.  Thank you to the following students for going the extra mile and raising money for The ShelterBox Iditarod Challenge 2018! 
  1. Jan Bulinsky (Czech Republic)
  2. Akila Amala (Indonesia)
  3. Yugo Takahashi (Japan)
  4. Isabella Cerri (Brazil)
  5. Lucy Garault (France)
Rotarian Nancy Dodge of the Rotary District 5010 eClub coordinated and chaperoned the event. Other support came from Carl Bostek, Lance Wilber (Anchorage East Rotary President), Lisa Phillips (Wasilla Rotary), Dan Phillips (Susitna Rotary) , Ben Schuman (Anchorage International Rotary President), Tryg Erickson (Anchorage International Rotary), and Kim Erickson (Susitna Rotary) who assisted with the sleepover/transportation and, of course, the many donors.  View the ShelterBox Iditarod Challenge photo album (photo credit- Lisa Phillips).
Thank you for helping families whose homes are devastated by disaster and conflict.
Results of the member vote on the club's permanent meeting location were announced last week.  Beginning March 28th, the Sky Lounge at the Extreme Fun Center in Wasilla will be the club's permanent meeting location.  The meeting time will remain the same:  Wednesdays from 6:00pm ~ 7:00pm.
Thank you to Paul Newman for chairing the venue review committee.
Susitna Rotary is proud to announce the addition of long-time Rotarian, William "Bill" Borden, to the club.
As a real estate pro and motivational speaker, Bill offers services throughout the 50 states and has offices in Georgia, Alaska and North Carolina. He is "Broker Emeritus" with High Caliber Realty based in Kennesaw, Georgia. Bill and his wife, Brenda (also a Rotarian), currently split their time between Georgia and Wasilla. He anticipates attending Susitna Rotary Club meetings when he is in town and doing "make-ups" at other clubs the rest of the year.
Bill has been an active member of his local community in Georgia and received numerous honors including the 2009 "Kennesaw's Citizen of the Year".  For a full list the many accomplishments and accolades over a 40-year career in real estate,
He has been a Rotarian for many years as a member of the Rotary Club of North Cobb and the Rotary Club of Vinings nka Cumberland Vinings.  He has served as a Rotary club board director, Family of Rotary committee chair, and had 12 years perfect attendance.  In addition to being a Paul Harris Fellow + 2, Bill was also named by his club as Rotarian of the Year.
Bill was sponsored into membership by his friend of 15 years and former neighbor, Marty Metiva. 
We welcome Bill into our Susitna Rotary family!
Susitna Rotary Club President Cheryl Metiva was beaming Saturday night as local Rotarians teamed with the Big Lake Lions Club to host another fun and successful Ice Breaker event.  Over 120 people feasted on a scrumptious prime rib dinner, bid on a wide array of auction items, were entertained with live stand-up comedy, then wrapped up the evening with an incredible fireworks display.  It was a big event in Big Lake and the net proceeds will used by the two clubs for service projects in the local communities of Big Lake, Meadow Lakes, Houston, and Willow.  The final tally for the event will be announced next week. View the photo album to see all the fun!
Who made all this happen?  Generous volunteers and patrons, of course.  Volunteers from the Susitna Rotary side of the event included the following:
Committee Co-Chairs:  Lanissa Grogan and Rylee Rudd
  • Claire Horton - ticket sales, auction
  • Jack Timm - ticket design and sales, auction, clean-up
  • Kathy Timm - auction, clean-up
  • Marty Metiva - MC, clean-up
  • Cheryl Metive - "Vanna White", "Girl Friday", auction, clean-up
  • Evelyna Kuhr - event treasurer
  • Dan and Lisa Phillips - clean-up
  • Rich and Liz Standley - clean-up
  • Rob and Lanissa Grogan - auction, clean-up
Gorilla Fireworks (Robert Hall) - Fireworks Display & table purchase
Denali Refuse (Phil and Claire Horton)- table purchase
Big Lake Lions Club
Susitna Rotary Club
Auction Donations/Sponsorship (over $4,000 raised!)
  1. MTA - gift basket
  2. Altitude Chiropractic - massage
  3. Mat Valley Federal Credit Union- gift basket
  4. Mary and Janetta Pritchard- red/white/blue flag wood carving
  5. Bill Holler/Big Lake Lion's Club - $100 gift certificate to Club Paris
  6. Rob and Lanissa Grogan - Mat-Su Miner's gift basket with two season tickets
  7. Grogan's and Standleys - Creole Dinner for 6 with wine/beer pairing
  8. Mary and Janetta Pritchard- Mama bear and cubs wood carvings
  9. Nancy Jerkins (artist) - #1/100 "Snack Attack" limited edition print
  10. Claudia Buzard - antique snow shoes
  11. Paul Newman and Christine - Bleu Iris custom necklace and earings
  12. Cheryl Metiva - Dinner and a Show (VPA tickets for 2 to "Mary Poppins" and gift certificate to Evangelo's)
  13. Valley Cinema/John Schweiger - 6 month unlimited pass for 2
  14. Jack Timm - Ruger 1022 gun
  15. Big Lake Lion's Club - Rangers hockey juersey signed by Scotty Gomez
  16. Claire Horton & Bill Haller/Alaska Railroad - Round-trip for 2 to Seward with lodging at the Beach House
  17. Remaining uncooked wrapped Prime Rib @ $10 per pound
Student Servers
Students from Colony High School's Marching Band (director Jamin Burton) raised $700 for their  trip to Normandy, France for the 75th Anniversary of D Day event next fall by serving the dinner, operating the coat check, and helping with clean-up:
  1. Collin Herbert
  2. Carter Thomas
  3. Gloria Shomer
  4. Emerson Moser
  5. Weston Moser
  6. Samantha Lynn
Rylee Rudd
Cheryl Metiva - live interview on the Q (KMBQ)
Entertainment (Stand-up Comedians from Koot's Comedy Night):
Matt Collins
Mark Griff
Bruce Schulte
"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves."
---Rotary International's Vision Statement
February marks the month Rotary emphasizes one of it's six key areas of focus:  Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
Our program chair this month is well qualified to address this theme.  A Rotarian since 1985, Ch. Lt. Col (ret.) Rick Cavens is pastor of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Wasilla.  Before retiring, he served as Wing Chaplain of the 176th Wing of the Alaska Air National Guard.  Rick has lined up four speakers to give us a perspective on the wide array of peace-making efforts taking place in our own community.
February 7th- 
Bishop Shelley Wickstrom will speak about peacemaking.
February 14- 
Kelly Marciales is the director of Valley Interfaith Action. A collection of eleven MatSu Valley congregations developing a system that listens to the needs of the community. This Community Organizing effort is unique in that it gives authority to the community. She will talk about peacemaking through organizing.
February 21- 
Lois Rockcastle and Alea Nobel- Lois is one of the executive mission directors of the Arctic Winter Games. She will share with us insight into the peacemaking dream of arctic nations sending young people to compete in the Winter Games. Being from a dog mushing family Alea will tell of her adventures and insight into running sled dogs in the Arctic Winter Games.
February 28- 
Michelle Sturgeon, a former member of Susitna Rotary Club, will talk about volunteering at the hospital or, as Rick Cavens puts it, "Peace through community caring."
Susitna Rotarians Lynn Mitchell, Eddie Ezelle, and Kim Erickson braved the subzero temperatures in Willow last Sunday to help collect parking fees at the Willow Winter Carnival.  Josh the Otter was also out and about at the event promoting water safety and connecting with local celebrities including the King and Queen of the Willow Winter Carnival and Vern Halter, Mayor of the Matsu Borough.
If you missed last weekend, there are still more events to come next Saturday. Download the Willow Winter Carnival Schedule to checkout all the fun activities.

Show your support for the MatSu Food Bank and have a fun night out on Saturday, February 24th from 6:00pm - 9:00pm with live music from The Jerry Wessling Band and some of the best food in the valley at The Grill at The Grand View!

Attire is semi-formal and tickets are $60. 

Tickets can be purchased at the Matsu Food Bank, 501 E. Bogard Rd. Wasilla , AK 99654 or from Eddie Ezelle during the Susitna Rotary Club meeting.

Not able to attend?  Consider donating an item for the auction that evening or making a donation to the organization.

"Hunger is a real problem for thousands of people in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, and together we can stop it."


Attending this Saturday's Rotary District 5010's annual leadership training course?  Want to carpool?  Have any questions?  Contact Kim at or 907-223-8385.  The event is open to all Rotarians and is a great opportunity to network with Rotarians from other clubs and become part of the district team.  If you have ever wanted to serve on a district committee or just want to see what it is all, this is the event for you!
District 5010
Leadership Team Training
February 3, 2018 - 8:30 - 4:30
The Chariot Group
3120 Denali Street #1
Anchorage, AK 99503
Thank you to the following Rotarians who rolled up their sleeves and cleaned the commercial kitchen at the Curtis Menard Sports Center on December 26th following the community Christmas Friendship Dinner
Claudia Buzard
Cheryl Metiva
Kim EricksonMarty Metiva
Eddie EzelleStan Mitchell
Chuck FosterLiz Standley
Julie FosterJack Timm
 Kathy Timm
Based on the event's Facebook page, over 6,100 meals were served and there were over 400 bags of gifts for children. The annual dinner is free and open to everyone in the community.
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