District celebrates Laws of Life Character Education Winners


Dozens of clubs throughout District 6910 support The Georgia Laws of Life Eassy Contest, a character education and ethical literacy program for high school students. The contest encourages students to reflect on and write about the core personal values that mean the most to them, values such as honesty, perseverance, generosity, courage and compassion.

District 6910 salutes Chandler Kelley, North Forsyth High School, the statewide winner in 2016. His Law of Life is “At the core of all anger is a need not being fulfilled,” by Marshall B. Rosenberg. Renee Welch has been elected Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Georgia Laws of Life Essay Contest. She will also serve as the district’s liaison for the character education program.


A synops of Chandler’s winning essay:

It’s not easy to pinpoint an exact moment in my life that I felt this confusion, but if I were to attempt to with the best of my ability, it would be a cool, fall day on the football field my sophomore year. I remember running plays for hours without break as punishment for my behavior at the most recent football game the previous day. What started as the usual game banter between players quickly escalated into a brawl at the mention of my father due to word getting out about him being in prison for his laundry list of crimes. It all happened so quickly. Like someone flipped the switch inside of me, my rage consumed me and blinded me from what was wrong and what was right. By the time the fight was over, I had to be pulled off two other players by my coach, the one man in my life who seemed to see something more in me. I saw a flash of disappointment in his eyes as he glanced at me, saying nothing more to me than, “You’re done for the night. Go home and meet me on the field bright and early.”

To register a school or become an individual, corporate or Rotary Club sponsor, contact Susan Mason, director at: lawsoflife@georgialawsoflife.org

Just one example of the impact of Rotary’s Character Education Programming, Tuesday, April 19, three young women from Rome High School, their mentor-teachers, their parents and Superintendent Mike Buck were honored by Rome Seven Hills Rotary as local Rotary "Laws of Life" winners 2016. The contest presents more than $20,000 in cash awards to students and teachers annual. RSHR's Juli Mull Lemming coordinated the local contest for Laws of Life. Both Rome Rotary and Rome Seven Hills Rotary participate as state-wide sponsors. All three of the Rome High winners were invited to read their essays for club members. RSHR president Eric Waters said, "Our members are in agreement that this program is one of the most poignant and impactful on our agenda because its focus is our young people." Winners received medals and the school award winner received a cash prize as well. “What a great day for Rotary in our District 6910,” Waters concluded.