Seven Hills Rotary welcomed the 2014 winner of Georgia Author of the Year for a First Novel, Victoria Wilcox, author of a trilogy on the life of Doc Holliday. Pictured here with Seven Hills Rotary President-Elect David Early, Mrs. Wilcox stayed after the meeting and signed copies of her books for club members.

A dynamic speaker and extremely high authority on Doc Holliday's life, Mrs. Wilcox shared with the club that this native son of Georgia made (in)famous through legends surrounding his friendship with Wyatt Earp in the Old West was actually a different person than many stories make him out to be.
Taking over eighteen years to travel and research the trail of Doc Holliday's life, Mrs. Wilcox has written a compelling set of books that tell much more than the story of just one man. She told of ties between Holliday's family here in Georgia and that of Margaret Mitchell, identifying some not-so-coincidental items that fans of Gone With the Wind certainly recognized. Additionally, Mrs. Wilcox related some interesting history from her own family, passed down as she grew up in a family of pioneer Hollywood professionals.
Following the meeting, Mrs. Wilcox signed copies of her books, brought by Kenneth Studdard of Dogwood Books in downtown Rome. We can't wait to read all three!
If you missed this meeting, you may still purchase signed copies of all three books at Dogwood Books.
It was an extremely enjoyable Seven Hills Rotary day!