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The Rome - Seven Hills Rotary Club formed in 1996 as the second Rotary club when the Rome Rotary Club grew to a membership of 180. Wright Bagby led this new effort and served as the first club president.  Since the start of the club, the office of the President and Directors has changed annually.  Seven Hills members have supported the Rotary Foundation with cumulative giving of $107,000. The annual financial impact of the club through fund raining and grants is over $40,000. Seven Hills supports local high schools and colleges in areas of literacy and leadership skills.


The club has been led by the following Rotarians:


1996: Wright Bagby

1997: Walt Adams

1998: BettyAnn O'Neill

1999: Roger Smith

2000: Eddie Wilson

2001: Chip Riddle

2002: Martin Rhiner

2003: Cheryl Gaines

2004: Cheryl Huffman

2005: Steven Sheeley

2006: Chuck Shaw

2007: Angie Douglass

2008: Bruce Watterson

2009: Jerry Patty

2010: Alan Horne

2011: Bill Byars

2012: Bill Byars

2013: David Tomlin

2014: Nina Lovel

2015: Eric Waters