So I’m flying home from our water project in the Dominican and I finish Pitch Perfect 2, and I switch to the Delta radio screen and press The Best of The Doobie Brothers.  I’m grooving to Taking It To The Streets when it hits me how good this band was with Michael McDonald singing lead vocals and how “so very average” they were after he left.  Then my mind shifted to one of my college favorites the Commodores (Alabama born and bred) and what happened to them when Lionel took a runner.  Then BOOM, I realized that our Rotary club is both the Doobie Brothers and the Commodores post Michael and Lionel!  Hang on, don’t get offended, there is a compliment coming… and this is a good thing.
Rotary clubs do not need solo stars, lead acts, Divas or any one person that if they left could shift the balance of the club to the negative.  A great Rotary club is a league of equals who share the load and serve alongside each other through the good times and the not-so-good times.  It was a great lesson learned riding home on an airplane with Bob and Monica and nine others who served with honor and distinction in hot, dirty and sad Third World conditions.  We are equal, we are family, we are Rotary!