Vår GRSP elev denna term är från Sverige och hennes namn är Mikaela Hörnfeldt . Hon bor och studerar i norra Georgien och kommer att vara med vår klubb på måndagen att berätta sin historia. Detta kommer att bli en upplevelse . Missa inte det !

Our GRSP student this term is from Sweden and her name is Mikaela Hornfeldt. She is living and studying in North Georgia and will be with our club on Monday to tell her story. This will be a treat. Don's miss it!

We welcome new member Hannah Henry of Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

If you are interested in an early May, long weekend trip to the Dominican to assist on a project I need to gauge interest. Fly on Thursday - work Friday-Sunday - fly home Monday.  Our Rotary Club is making a difference in that portion of the country and it would be great if more and more of us were able to make a short trip over the next 2-3 years. Let me know please.

Michael McCullar