There was once a contrarian Rotarian,
who wondered why his face formed a pout.
He went to his doctor and asked,
“Do you think this is just in my head?”
The doctor said “No, it’s all on your face,
try to smile.” He did. But there wasn’t a trace.
The contrarian Rotarian said, “Maybe it’s the gout.”
The doctor replied, “No, not the gout, it’s definitely a pout.”
The pouty contrarian Rotarian asked, “Can you give me a cure, maybe a pill?”
The doctor said, “No, there isn’t a pill, but there may be a way to give life a thrill.
You are a Rotarian, and service you do, so help out another, you know the drill.”
“Ah,” said the Rotarian who was beginning to change, “I’ll help out another and further my range.”
So he bought toilet paper, and filled up a bag, and went to the island, then cleaned up a road,
And he made lunches for the homeless and taught children to read, and decided he didn’t like being a toad!
Apologies to Dr. Seuss and all other rhyme’y poets everywhere. We have NO contrarian Rotarians! But we may need a jump start now again, and remembering our reason for being is key. We exist to serve. Enough said.
Michael McCullar