A recent AJC article on nutrition cited “sweet science” and new calorie and health calculations termed sweet math. This led me to ponder other possible implications for sweet math, as that’s what people of my ilk tend to do with just about everything, and I felt the need due to drastically cutting back on carbohydrates as a new life-change for 2016. So putting aside our favorite sweets for a moment, how might we as Rotarians engage sweet math in making a difference in the world?
Maybe, possibly, this is an option to consider: Give ourselves points each day to spend on others and points can only be spent when being kind, generous and sweet to other people. Say we begin the day with 10 Sweet Points and our goal is to spend those points on people before we retire that evening. If we set a goal and attend to it we are much more likely to achieve positive results. Last week’s article cited Gretchen Rubin’s Habits Manifesto that stated: “What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while.” She also stated, “We manage what we monitor.” So think on the 10 Point Sweet Math Scale as a trial, give it a run and see if life changes. I’m betting it will, for you (and me) and for those we intersect daily. Right now there’s 23 of us and that would be 230 Sweet gestures every day. Dang! That many might change the world!
Monday’s guests will be Alisa Sloan, professional singer and competitive shooter, and Dan Cavallaro, expert on gun safety, shooting and an author on legal issues surrounding firearms.
Toilet Paper Please as that’s January’s project. Stay tuned for our next McGinnis Ferry cleanup day. Dominican Republic project dates are May 12-16 & October 6-10.
Be Sweet,