If Moses had been a Rotarian the Ten Commandments might have read differently (yes, I know God wrote them and gave them to Moses, but work with me here).  All ten are excellent but other excellent additions would include the Rotary Four-Way Test, especially the fourth and final line: Will it be beneficial to all concerned? The Ten Commandments gave instruction to Israel in many areas but the intent was singular: so they could be

salt and light to the world.

This is an apt description for Rotary as well.  We exist for many reasons but distilled down it would be to

make a difference in the world.  We exist to be

beneficial.  Polio is no match for Rotary. Impure water and water-borne illnesses?  Gotta go.  Hungry children?  We will feed them.


Think on these musings over the following days. Together we can affect change and make a difference by living into our calling as Rotarians!