Did you know Admiral Byrd, Sir Edmund Hillary and Charles Lindbergh were Rotarians? This means Rotarians are natural explorers and risk-takers.


Did you know U.S. Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Ford and Carter, and Sir Winston Churchill were Rotarians? This means Rotarians are natural leaders.


Did you know Cecil B. DeMille was a Rotarian? This means Rotarians are artistic, gifted and tend to be visionaries.


Did you know Dr. Charles Mayo, co-founder of the Mayo Clinic, was a Rotarian? This means Rotarians are people of compassion?


Did you know Norman Vincent Peale was a Rotarian? This means Rotarians have excellent attitudes.


Did you know "Colonel" Harlan Sanders was a Rotarian? This means, well, uh, it means we can sell chicken in a pinch.


Can you imagine the happy bucks moment at any of their meetings? "Here's a pound sterling, we finally won the war against Germany!" Or, "here's my dollar, my latest movie just wrapped up production. I'm calling it The Ten Commandments." Or, Welcome back Charles! "Thanks, here's my happy buck, my transatlantic flight was rough, but I made it.


Before they were famous and historically remarkable, they were Rotarians. Even if they hadn't led countries, created masterpieces, saved lives, explored new territories or walked on the moon, all of the famous Rotarians in our history would have left a mark... just as each of you do. By simply pinning on the Rotary symbol you stand for something larger than yourself. By living out the Rotary pledge you will alter the world in a positive way. You may not become famous... but you are remarkable!