The World Cup is worth watching if for nothing else than the announcers screaming GOAL for ten seconds after each score.They can stretch out this one syllable word further than a Southern Belle drawls out molasses.  A goal is a great thing to see go across the finish line, into a net or checked off a list as accomplished.  Our District Governor was impressed with our list of goals and stated aims during his visit.  He expects us to have an actionable strategic plan by year's end (and for this we get a bunch of points) and he tells me our goals would make the gist of a strong strategic plan covering the next five or so years.  At this point in the conversation I nodded my head like that's exactly what we had in mind.  This is also the point Jesus would tell a parable about a blind squirrel finding an occasional acorn!

The two biggest items for our focus this Rotary Year will be increasing membership and service opportunities.  We are well on our way on the service needs and in September we will unveil a new strategy for membership growth.  A third area of need will be fundraising as two straight years of water purification systems will have significantly lowered our bank account.  La Dolce Vita will need to be a Home Run for sure next February. Challenges?  Yes, but won't it be fun to be screaming GGOOOAAALLL! this time next year?   
Communication: Retooled our website and created a new look and unique weekly newsletter posted via email, Facebook and website. We are presently upgrading our FB presence.
Foundation: Added several Paul Harris Fellows last year and saw others raise their levels, with goals to do more this year.
Foundation/Projects: Written for a Global Grant for our on-going work in La Romana region of the Dominican Republic putting in large water purification systems in Third World villages. October 2015 will be our second installation project. Will also write for a District grant for the following Rotary year in the areas of local hunger.
Local Projects: Monthly service project, some via collection of items, others off-site and hand's on.
New Member Goals: Beginning in September the "each one reach one" campaign will kick off. Improvements have been put into place prior to this point to seek to retain our members, which is the first step toward growth.
Speaker Team: Our Speakers Team seeks to bring in speakers who will inform, inspire and engage our club with information about our community in the areas of local civic, for-profit, non-profit and the like, in as many broad areas as possible as we believe a Rotary Club in the know is a Rotary Club more likely to be engaged.
Michael McCullar