Recently Africa health officials announced it has been a year since the last polio case has been reported. This is a victory for both Africa and Rotary International. Rotary has been in the changing lives business since its inception in 1905. Eradicating polio is but one of the clarion calls accepted by Rotary. Today R.I. is at the forefront of providing clean water for the amazingly large portion of the world that has little to no access to potable water. Saving the world from the ravages of impure water is a big job but Rotary is a big organization with over thirty-four thousand clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide.

Our club is small, using Rotary calculus we are very small, but small is not a handicap when one has a large vision and drive. The whole David and Goliath the Giant story suggests the little guy can win against great odds, but what if Rocky Balboa had been a member of a Philly Rotary group in the 1970's?  "Hey, Yo, I'm Rocky and I'm leadin' the pledge, yo, yeah, stand up yous guys. Hey, you too Mick." The proverbial "little guy" can indeed win against enormous odds. A small Rotary club can bring clean water to an entire village in the Third World and save lives. Amazing isn't it? And so very Rotary-like.

District Governor Alan Smith will be with us Monday and he too works in the area of clean water (Haiti). He leads our district and will share his vision for his year in office and he will want to hear from our board about our goals. Make sure you're in our meeting to represent your club and to support your District on Monday!
Michael McCullar