If you pay attention you will see the Rotary wheel all over the place. I've even seen it on a tree in the outback of Haiti with the meeting times of a local club. In the Dominican Republic, where our club is active, there are many clubs; and, the hospital we align with, the Good Samaritan Hospital, or Good Sam for short, was built to a great extent with Rotary dollars. Many of the water purification systems already in place have been sponsored by Rotary clubs. That wheel signifies more than we realize when we see it on our newsletters, in our meetings or when we pin up every day. For many it means healing, hunger relief, a school, clothes, medicine, and even a hug.


So over the next eleven months we will be doing a lot of wheel work in our club.  August is Pop Tart Month so bring one or more boxes of those yummy breakfast treats so we can donate them to before-school tutoring programs in our county.  September is Backpacks for Love kickoff time and we will be filling two backpacks each month with staples for needy kids.  October is Toy Drive Month to outfit a Santa Shop for needy kids.  November is Trash Bag Month to help Jesse's House in Cumming. Plus, three of us will be serving in the D.R. in October when we place our second clean water system in a Third World village. In 2016 we will once again raise the bar... or in our case, the wheel!

Michael McCullar