The main thing that drew me to Rotary was the service element. I watched the club from a short distance as I worked in the same building where the meetings were held from day one.  I knew Rotarians ate lunch, and with homework I learned other groups also met over breakfast or the evening meal.  I spoke with Everett Bennett many times about the many things Rotary did locally and around the globe.  He told me I should consider joining.  It took me a long time to make the turn but I did and the reason was the opportunity to stretch my service muscles from the church domain to the wider civic world.  Let's face it, we can all eat lunch wherever and whenever we choose.  I enjoy and look forward to the community and the relationships, but they are but springboards to what we can do for our unique worlds.
Thus far we have made a large footprint.  We have made meals, tidied up the river, placed a clean water system, assisted Jesse's House, placed Pop Tarts in the hands of needy kids who come to school early for tutoring and miss the subsidized breakfasts, given away dictionaries, assisted the Arts Center among others.  Soon we will fill two backpacks for Backpacks of Love and place our second clean water system in the Dominican Republic at a whopping cost of $20K.  Leslie is planning a senior's event we will sponsor for our region.  We are looking into assisting the Syrian refugee crisis in the name of Rotary.  Obviously the sky is the limit.  Plan to join us on September 28 for a meeting with no speaker where we dialogue about meeting needs. Bring ideas. I looked up this morning... the sky is awfully wide!

BACKPACKS OF LOVE: These are the "needs" for filling the backpacks. Small mac & cheese bowls, candy that won't melt, granola bars, packaged fruit, small peanut butter, pop-top beef stew, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, disinfectant wipes, Goldfish crackers, Oreos, deodorant, crayons.  (As you can see this is heavy on emergency feeding of the kids over school supplies).

I will get the backpacks and deliver them.  Bring items and we will fill them.

INSTALLATION of NEW ROTARIANS: Monday we will install Beth and Richard. Soon we will install Jim as well.

LA DOLCE VITA UPDATE: Mark and his team have set Saturday evening February 27, 2016 at The Standard Club for our annual fundraiser/party/dress up/swag night. Calendar it please.  This event pays the bills for just about everything we do all year.