Jam, Jelly & Rotary 
"Jam up and Jelly tight, my, my, my, my baby, now you're outta sight."  The Archies goo-ied up the airwaves with this delight a few decades back and each time I hear it I think of two things: First, breakfast; and, second, what's the difference between jam and jelly?  Not being gifted in the culinary arts I had to seek assistance from experts so I consulted WiseGeek.com.  They say jams are whole fruits boiled in sugar to form a thick, spreadable gel.  Jams contain chunks of the original fruit so one can tell the type of jam by its look.  Jellies on the other hand are made from fruit juices and do not contain actual fruit or seeds. Jelly is made by boiling fruit juice and sugar and the result is a smooth, uniform consistency wholly unlike that of jam, plus jelly has additional additives. Wow, who knew? Well, many people actually.  My wife, daughter and son are all skilled cooks and they watch the Food Network like they own stock in the parent company.  I asked them and they said, "Uh, yeah, that's an easy one."  But therein lies the lesson: some people exist at the kitchen level while others exist at the table level.
Another way to look at this is, "some people prepare the jam and others eat the jam."  This suggests there are two levels in the jam world.  I know this to also be true in the church-world.  There are people who work behind-the-scenes to make the church possible from week to week and there are those who take part in the services provided by the church. I'm guessing this is the same in most any other field as well. You can't have a school without principals and teachers and people who keep the facilities up and running.  And it's the same in Rotary too.
Some people lead in Rotary at the club and district levels and others exist at the basic membership level.  You can't have one without the other. Someone has to lead the club and someone has to lead the clubs and someone has to lead All of Rotary.  And, hats off to those who lead at the District-and-above levels.  They give a massive amount of time and resources for the Rotary cause.
Next Monday our Assistant Governor Renee Welch will be with us to speak about "Rotary-life above the club level," and give us an update on the Rotary Foundation.  Who knows, maybe you'll get all jam up and jelly tight with Rotary and want to serve at a higher level. Renee will fill in the blanks for us.