I Really miss Karen Carpenter...
I really miss Karen Carpenter. Some days I miss her more than others, mostly on rainy days and Mondays, and every time I hear one of her songs on satellite radio. What a voice. Deep, but smooth and silky, and sort of haunting are ways I've described her to "unbelievers" or people too young to know who she is. Sadly she died young and with her went world class talent. Karen Carpenter was one of a kind.
I never met her, I never attended one of her concerts but I did collect her music, even though in the early 70's it was not the "en vogue" thing to do.
I'm guessing few of us will have devotees 32 years after we die, but collectively we are part of something that will.  As Rotarians we are impacting the world and our local area in profound ways and for decades, hopefully centuries to come, people will appreciate Rotary's contributions.
We can't sing like Karen Carpenter... but we do nevertheless Rock!
And, speaking of most excellent voices we will be gifted with the presence of local mega-talented actress/songstress Olivia Sloan in our holiday meeting next Monday.
Please bring family or even better, a prospective member to our holiday event to hear Olivia!