HOW TO GAIN NEW MEMBERS (and other items of interest)
As my year in the lead role is winding down there are two remaining items left on my promised agenda. First is the inaugural Everett Bennett Rotarian of the Year Award and the rollout of a new member drive. I have delayed the rollout of an actual drive for new members as we have been growing without instituting the plan. History suggests this won't last forever so we will discuss a structured approach to adding new members in April and May and the bulk of the work will be done in Monica's year. I met with a person from a new assisted living center in our area who wanted to introduce their programs to me. After she presented I asked if she was familiar with Rotary and she said yes, but not as a member. I invited her to a meeting. This is about as simple as it gets and I believe as effective as it gets as well. One person asking another person to join them in one of our meetings seems to be the best approach. The awarding of the first Bennett Rotarian of the Year will occur in early May. Nominations and voting will take place throughout April. As sitting president and the instigator of this new award I will not be eligible for nomination.
I will have news on progress toward our 501-C status on Monday. This is a big step for us, albeit a costly one right now, but one that will pay for itself down the road. We will go into a business session to discuss and vote on the costs to cover this. We will also vote on supporting the school/classroom build in the Dominican Republic in May (what amount).

I sent in our points to District today for annual awards. Pam will represent us at District Conference in Savannah as my travel is now restricted and I won't be able to attend. Pam is also up for a District leadership award so fingers crossed we pick up something as a club and she does as well. There's 70+ clubs in our District so winning anything is tough, but we have had an excellent year and I'm told we have had the best overall year of the Forsyth County clubs.