In ancient medieval times unexplored territories were labeled
hic sunt dragones,or "Here be Dragons." Superstitions led mapmakers to assume any yet-to-be-explored lands to be dangerous, thus the wording and drawings of dragons. I'm guessing this limited the number of would-be-explorers as one would have to be brave to head to strange lands possibly inhabited by dragons. Brave people did indeed explore and as we now know dragons only exist in our minds and on Games of Thrones.
Mind Dragons still fly, however. If we fear the yet-to-be-known-future, or what the future might bring, or feel we aren't ready to step up to our next opportunity, might there be a Mind Dragon in the mix? To do something new or to go to a new place on life's map can be scary, dangerous and unsettling... you know, hic sunt dragones. That said shouldn't it be the other way around? Think about our club, as individuals and collectively, and it is clear dragons should fear us!
New ideas? Yes. New opportunities? Again, yes. New places? Yes x 3. Dragons are no match for us, especially with a new Rotary year beginning July 1, so let's lower the drawbridge and come out strong!  
Sir Michael of the House of Rotary in the Land of Johns Creek