Good Cop, Bad Cop
I graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice and worked for two years in various roles for a small police department. This was during a time when I was grappling with my life's calling, even though I had planned to go into the legal system in some capacity since 7th Grade Career Day. I saw myself as either a cop (sorry, police officer) or going to law school. Obviously that plan didn't play out as I thought it would as I found my way into the seminary and a career in the pastorate. However, I did spend a lot of time with cops and grew up watching "cop-television," so the whole notion of
good cop-bad cop is familiar (although, it has been overblown and dramatized for television and movies). The following narrative has been, like, greatly, really-really, satirized and overblown...for dramatic purposes obviously.
BAD COP: Rotary members, if you don't plan to attend La Dolce Vita, well it should be a crime...statute blah, blah, of code this and that and a citation...
GOOD COP: Whoa, Marshal Earp, O.K. Rotary members, not everyone can attend the annual event, that's understood, we all have busy schedules...
BAD COP: Yes, but busy or's just not right. Rotarians rotaratate or whatever it is you people do, so everyone needs to "pay the freight" to make the event work. I'm positive it's a law somewhere. Let me Google it...yes, it is, in Newfoundland. I'm gonna write a ticket!
GOOD COP: Stand down, Deputy Fife. Rotarians, I'm going to take my partner and buy him a doughnut to calm him down. Here's a solution. What if every Rotarian purchases a minimum of two tickets to La Dolce Vita whether they attend or not (or donate gifts in kind to raffle off, sell, etc.)? That way the whole club is involved. Good solution? No crimes committed against Rotary, so no cops, and I can get this guy out of here.
BAD COP: So we are not arresting anybody? Let's run them all in. I bet that banner's not licensed. And that tall lanky guy sure is taking up a lot of cash, and I see poker cards, it's a poker club! Alright, illegal poker-playing in the middle of the day...
GOOD COP: Stop it. I'm getting you a doughnut, but no sprinkles, Columbo. And "Newfoundland," seriously? Poker? Get in the car.
La Dolce Vita tickets are $85 each and all proceeds go to fund our annual service projects. It truly would be a crime for all to not "fully" support our one and only fundraiser. Two seats. That's all we are asking.
Thanks for your consideration,