So I'm minding my own business in a pub in Oxford one evening as I head downstairs for a break and I see this door. Actually it's the first door I encounter. I stop dead in my tracks, Narnia, really? I'd read all of Lewis' books and seen two of the movies on the mystical place that had to be near England since all of the Narninians spoke with British accents. But wasn't the entrance through an old wardrobe in the bedroom of a country estate? Maybe there were multiple entrances, like Yellowstone, but without the buffalo as I've never seen a bison in the Narnia movies. I stepped closer to the door after making sure no one else was nearby and came close to turning the doorknob, but didn't.
I'm guessing it was a broom closet but who knows? What if I had walked into a different world where evil ran amok in the form of the White Witch and everywhere she walked ice was left in her wake. What if the world I encountered was filled with talking beavers with cockney accents who were seeking the most powerful Lion in all of Narnia, the only true hope for the people and the land, but all they had was faith that the powerful Lion still existed as he hadn't been seen in ages. What if the land was growing darker and colder every day as evil was spreading faster than the forces of compassion of good?
It was a tough choice but since all I was really trying to do was find the Loo I walked on to the men's room. Later, however, I exited the pub into a world quite similar to the Narnia one that sadly isn't fictional. Evil and dark deeds seem to growing and are more pervasive than goodness and virtue. Narnia was allegorical to the larger fight of good versus evil. Outside in the streets of modern day "anywhere" that fight is anything but allegorical. The world needs good deeds and positive words and since we are short of talking beavers and Lions that are all powerful the remedy may fall on Rotary. I'll go through a door marked ROTARY any day. Will you join me?
Michael   (a big C.S. Lewis fan)